Travel Cambodia Phnom Penh Angkor Wat Sihanoukville And Roads From Hell

Cambodia is​ a​ land on​ the​ mend. From 1977 through 1980,​ the​ Khmer Rouge ruled the​ country,​ fanatics bent on​ genocide. Millions were killed and the​ period was put to​ film in​ the​ movie,​ “The Killing Fields.” Fortunately,​ those days are over and the​ country is​ becoming a​ tourist destination.

Cambodia is​ a​ land of​ incredible contrast. Thick forest,​ mountains and pristine rivers compliment amazing white beaches. When you​ get down to​ it,​ however,​ travelers know Cambodia for two things,​ Angkor Wat and the​ nastiest roads around. But,​ let’s not get ahead of​ ourselves.

Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh is​ the​ capital of​ Cambodia. the​ city is​ a​ combination of​ old French beauty and modern condominiums. the​ city is​ full of​ amazing Wats [Buddist monasteries],​ including Wat Ounalom,​ Wat Phnom and Wat Moha Montrei. Modern buildings surround these monasteries and it’s difficult to​ avoid a​ feeling that the​ old ways are being lost.

Still,​ the​ vibrancy of​ the​ city is​ impressive considering the​ fact that it​ was completely abandoned for three years in​ the​ last 70s. During this period,​ the​ Khmer Rouge tried to​ return the​ Cambodian people to​ their agricultural heritage and evacuated all cities. the​ only exception,​ of​ course,​ is​ Tuol Sleng,​ a​ high school used to​ torture and kill “enemies of​ the​ state.” Just beyond the​ city,​ one will also find the​ infamous killing fields where thousands upon thousands were put to​ death.


Sihanoukville is​ a​ small,​ sleepy village on​ the​ Southwest edge of​ Cambodia. Fairly undeveloped,​ the​ area is​ an​ oasis similar to​ the​ beaches of​ Thailand. the​ difference,​ however,​ is​ the​ lack of​ tourists. Depending on​ the​ time of​ year,​ the​ beaches can be more or​ less empty and privacy assured. Rooms run between $5 and $15 a​ night and come with private bathrooms. if​ you​ are looking to​ lounge professionally,​ Sihanoukville is​ a​ very good place to​ do it.

Angkor Wat

Stunning. There is​ no other word for the​ temples of​ Angkor Wat. Angkor Wat is​ a​ temple surrounded by hundreds of​ others. Each is​ unique and worth a​ look. the​ most famous are Angkor Wat,​ Bayon and Ta Phrom. Angkor Wat is​ in​ the​ best shape as​ well as​ the​ most known. the​ Bayon is​ impressive,​ but the​ constant mob of​ tourist makes it​ a​ pain to​ visit. Ta Phrom is​ amazing because it​ has been left to​ the​ jungle,​ which is​ to​ say trees and the​ structure have become one in​ many areas. if​ you​ have seen Tomb Raider with Angelina Jolie,​ you​ have seen Ta Phrom. Personally,​ I prefer Angkor Wat to​ the​ Pyramids in​ Egypt.

Roads From Hell

Cambodian roads are evil. There is​ simply no other way to​ put it. the​ country is​ hit by monsoons every year and is​ still recovering from the​ Khmer Rouge. This combination has resulted in​ roads with huge potholes,​ missing bridges and pretty much the​ worst elements of​ Dante’s Hell. Avoid them if​ at​ all possible!
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