Travel California Certainly The Golden State

California is​ a​ giant-sized wonderland of​ preserved wilderness,​ world-class cities,​ famous beaches,​ tantalizing cuisine and unparalleled wines. Be close to​ the​ action from any destination in​ California,​ whether it​ is​ Los Angeles,​ San Francisco,​ San Diego or​ Bakersfield! Travel within California is​ fantastically scenic and simple; with the​ largest network of​ state highways that bring all of​ the​ Golden State’s wonders to​ your car door,​ you​ can surf,​ ski and enjoy fine dining all in​ one day… but you​ might want to​ make it​ two or​ ten!

A California for Every Kind

California is​ the​ third largest state in​ the​ United States,​ as​ well as​ the​ most populous state in​ the​ country. Consequently,​ California attracts visitors for all kinds of​ reasons. National Parks such as​ Joshua Tree in​ the​ expansive Mojave Desert,​ Pinnacles National Monument in​ the​ Central Coast,​ and Ansel Adam’s famously photographed Yosemite are rocky havens for rock climbers and hikers alike. the​ Sierra Nevada mountain range to​ the​ east boasts California’s premier ski resorts,​ including Mammoth Mountain and Lake Tahoe.

North of​ the​ easy-going Sacramento capital lies California’s world-class wine region. Enjoy a​ trip through Napa Valley for some of​ the​ most exquisite restaurants and wine tastings the​ country has to​ offer. Lose yourself in​ quaint luxury at​ a​ Bed & Breakfast along the​ Carmel coast after spending a​ day at​ the​ Hearst Castle. Get star struck during a​ visit to​ Hollywood or​ wonder-struck at​ Southern California’s Disneyland Resort and California Adventure theme parks,​ across the​ street from each other. Don’t forget to​ explore California’s coastline with a​ trip to​ the​ historic Channel Islands or​ a​ whale watching expedition off of​ San Francisco’s Pacific shores.

The Platinum State

When you​ book your airfare to​ California,​ you​ will soon discover why this massive and diverse region along the​ Pacific Ocean is​ more precious than gold. the​ 48 state’s tallest peak resides in​ the​ Sierra Nevada region of​ California. Mt. Whitney welcomes thousands of​ climbers and hikers each year to​ its 14,​505 feet of​ serene wilderness. Giant Sequoias,​ the​ largest living organism in​ the​ world,​ reside in​ Sequoia National Park and the​ tallest organisms on​ Earth,​ the​ California Redwood trees,​ grace the​ shores of​ California’s rugged northern coastline. California’s Death Valley is​ the​ largest National Park in​ the​ country as​ well as​ the​ hottest place on​ earth (in the​ summer) and the​ lowest point in​ the​ Western Hemisphere. Treat yourself to​ Death Valley’s spectacular wildflower bloom in​ March and April.

California also offers one of​ the​ most superb collections of​ luxury resorts,​ celebrity chefs and nightlife. it​ is​ not surprising,​ considering the​ state is​ home to​ America’s entertainment,​ music and tech industries as​ well as​ one of​ the​ largest economies and ports in​ the​ world. Don’t wait another minute to​ book your airfare to​ California; you​ could be tanning on​ the​ beach or​ summiting a​ mountain tomorrow!
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