Travel By Train And Travel In Style

Lost luggage. Airport delays. Cramped quarters. is​ this any way to​ start a​ vacation?

Today,​ weary travelers are realizing that getting there is​ as​ important as​ being there. And,​ according to​ a​ recent Forbes magazine cover story,​ a​ growing number of​ them are choosing to​ travel by train,​ trading tiny airplane windows in​ favor of​ spacious seating areas with scenic views.

One company that is​ seeing a​ growth in​ the​ trend of​ luxury rail tours is​ Rocky Mountaineer Vacations. Specializing in​ vacation packages throughout Canada,​ the​ company also operates the​ award-winning Rocky Mountaineer train that travels between the​ cosmopolitan city of​ Vancouver,​ British Columbia,​ and the​ Canadian Rockies.

In fact,​ the​ Rocky Mountaineer recently received a​ prestigious World Travel Award as​ "World's Leading Travel Experience by Train."

Last year,​ the​ company hosted a​ record number of​ guests on​ the​ train: 86,​000,​ up 12 percent over the​ previous year.

To meet the​ growing demand,​ the​ Vancouver-based organization introduced two new train routes in​ May 2018: the​ Whistler Mountaineer and the​ Rocky Mountaineer Fraser Discovery Route.

The Whistler Mountaineer trip follows the​ famous Sea to​ Sky corridor as​ the​ train travels 73 miles from North Vancouver to​ Whistler,​ British Columbia. On-board attendants add colorful commentary about the​ region.

Passengers in​ the​ Glacier Dome,​ single-level glass dome coaches,​ have a​ front-row seat to​ an​ endless array of​ spectacular views,​ while those aboard "Coast Classic,​" a​ traditional 1950s remodeled rail coach environment,​ enjoy large picture windows and extended leg room.

Vacationers with more time can experience the​ Fraser Discovery Route,​ which travels over 600 miles from Whistler to​ Jasper,​ Alberta,​ in​ the​ Canadian Rockies. as​ the​ train weaves through towering canyons and lush ranchlands,​ stories told of​ Canada's "Old West" - complete with its own Gold Rush -add to​ the​ excitement of​ the​ journey.

Guests seated in​ the​ GoldLeaf service enjoy comfort and personal service in​ the​ two-story glass dome coaches featuring panoramic views on​ the​ upper level and an​ elegant dining room on​ the​ main level,​ where a​ la carte meals are served. RedLeaf service provides spacious reclining seats,​ large picture windows and at-your-seat meal service.

Whether vacationers seek comfort,​ style or​ just a​ new way to​ travel,​ Rocky Mountaineer Vacations offers more than 70 vacation packages and four scenic train routes to​ choose from.
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