Travel Brazil A Glimpse Of Beautiful South America

Brazil is​ the​ largest and most populated country in​ South America,​ and is​ fifth largest in​ the​ world in​ both area and population. Portuguese is​ the​ only official language of​ Brazil which is​ spoken by nearly the​ entire population. in​ fact,​ Brazil is​ the​ only country in​ the​ America’s in​ which Portuguese is​ their primary language.

If you​ look at​ a​ map of​ Brazil,​ you​ can see that it​ borders almost every other South American country except Ecuador and Chile. Brazil is​ divided up into 5 regions. the​ North Region,​ which is​ by far the​ largest,​ Northeast Region,​ Center-west Region,​ South Region and the​ Southeast Region,​ home of​ the​ most famous and popular destinations Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. the​ capital of​ Brazil is​ Brasilia,​ and with 11 million plus people,​ Sao Paulo is​ its largest city. Sao Paulo Brazil is​ also one of​ the​ largest cities by area and population in​ the​ southern hemisphere.

Brazil has a​ large selection of​ outdoor activities available for tourists and locals alike. you​ can hike,​ surf,​ dive,​ go rafting,​ play golf,​ volleyball,​ soccer,​ fish or​ virtually anything else you​ may want to​ do in​ the​ great outdoors you​ can do here in​ Brazil. Like most places in​ the​ world as​ of​ late,​ Cave exploring is​ now a​ very popular commode and with about 2,​ 800 registered Caves,​ the​ tourism industry has never been brighter.

Brazil is,​ of​ course,​ is​ also home to​ over 60% of​ the​ Amazon Rainforest. the​ Rainforest itself has some 5.5 million kilometres in​ total size within 8 different countries. the​ Rainforest also has much wildlife and some species that even still have yet to​ be discovered. the​ very sad thing about this habitat is​ that by the​ year 2020,​ it​ is​ estimated that 50% of​ the​ Brazilian wildlife will become extinct!! it​ is​ so bad that since 1970,​ over 500 square kilometres have been lost in​ this beautiful forest.

One more thing to​ remember while in​ Brazil is​ that street violence in​ certain areas of​ the​ major cities could get very harsh and dangerous. Don’t let this stop you​ from going to​ go visit a​ remarkable place,​ just be cautious. Make sure you​ don’t bring a​ lot of​ money with you​ at​ one time,​ don’t walk around at​ night in​ places you​ don’t know and if​ possible travelling in​ groups is​ a​ great idea. it​ is​ also a​ good idea to​ make sure you​ ALWAYS have a​ photo ID on​ you. the​ Brazilian police can ask for such things anytime,​ and you​ don’t want to​ constantly have your passport on​ you. a​ photocopy is​ a​ must have,​ so be sure you​ carry those around and leave the​ original in​ a​ safe place.

Whether you​ are looking for a​ beautiful beach,​ a​ glimpse of​ the​ absolutely stunning Amazon Rainforest,​ or​ the​ mile high sky scrapers in​ downtown Sao Paolo,​ Brazil has a​ little something to​ offer to​ any travel adventurer.
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