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Traveling Asia is​ something that everyone should experience at​ least once in​ their lifetime. When you​ travel to​ Asia,​ there are so many things to​ see and do; make sure that you​ plan your trip in​ advance. However,​ remember to​ leave some free time in​ you​ itinerary,​ because when you​ travel Asia,​ you​ want to​ make sure that you​ have the​ flexibility for an​ occasional adventure.

As the​ largest continent on​ earth,​ Asia offers travelers a​ huge variety of​ places to​ visit,​ things to​ do and,​ cultures to​ see. For first time visitors who travel Asia,​ we recommend the​ following:

Island Nations-
One of​ the​ most diverse destinations for travelers to​ Asia,​ the​ Indonesian archipelago can provide enough exciting destinations for a​ complete trip. Whether you​ are seeking relaxation,​ natural beauty,​ cultural diversity or​ all of​ the​ above,​ Indonesia will show you​ an​ exciting and wonderful Asian travel destination.

Comprised of​ over 7000 islands,​ the​ Philippines has become on​ of​ Asia’s forgotten travel destinations. Due to​ a​ recent history that includes martial law and economic corruption,​ the​ Philippines has lost much of​ its previous tourist activity to​ its more stable neighbors. Those who do visit will enjoy beautiful spots like the​ Boracay beaches and Lake Sebu.

For decades,​ the​ island nation of​ Japan has been a​ favorite destination for travelers to​ Asia. From amazing Zen temples to​ kitschy reproductions of​ western monuments like the​ Eiffel Tower,​ Japan has something for every traveler who visits. the​ hardest thing is​ fitting it​ all in.

Southeast Asia
The Kingdom of​ Thailand is​ the​ most popular tourist destination in​ Southeast Asia drawing more visitors than its neighbors. With both mountainous regions and a​ beautiful coastline dotted with amazing islands Thailand is​ one a​ must see for those who travel to​ Asia. the​ city of​ Bangkok,​ the​ largest in​ Thailand is​ one of​ the​ most popular in​ all of​ Asia,​ as​ well.

A quickly emerging destination among travelers to​ Asia,​ Vietnam is​ reshaping its image among world travel destinations. From the​ beaches along the​ coast,​ to​ its soaring inland mountains,​ Vietnam offers travelers to​ Asia with a​ sublime experience.

Mainland Asia-
Too vast for words alone,​ China is​ rapidly emerging as​ the​ top destination for travelers to​ Asia. as​ China continues to​ modernize both economically and socially,​ it​ is​ becoming easier for those who travel to​ Asia to​ visit one of​ the​ largest and most populous countries in​ the​ world. if​ you​ travel to​ China,​ follow a​ loose itinerary and try to​ see as​ much as​ you​ can.

South Korea is​ one of​ the​ most westernized of​ all Asian nations. Travelers to​ Korea can enjoy the​ modernity of​ the​ capital city,​ Seoul; or​ they can try visiting beautiful natural wonders like Songnisan National Park.

Another of​ Asia’s largest and most heavily populated countries,​ India is​ a​ complex and diverse nation unlike any other you​ will experience when you​ travel throughout Asia. Visitors to​ India will be enchanted by its unpredictability and surprising cultural dramas that exist among its inhabitants.
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