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Are you​ planning to​ travel to​ Asia within the​ next year,​ & are looking for some fun festivities to​ attend? Well,​ look no further - we have researched a​ quantity of​ the​ more incredible Asian festivals for you​ to​ check out during your travels.

Travel Asia: Pulilan Carabao Festival

Travel Asia: Parade of​ the​ God of​ Medicine

You'll probably never see a​ water buffalo adorned like this! if​ you​ travel to​ Pulilan in​ the​ second week of​ May,​ you'll witness the​ homage to​ the​ patron saint of​ farmers,​ San Isidro Labrador. Families take their prized water buffalos,​ scrape away the​ dirt,​ shave them,​ anoint them in​ oils,​ & then parade them around the​ city square dressed as​ kings. the​ priests of​ the​ Asian city then kneel & ask the​ buffalos to​ bless them,​ promising health & lovely wishes for the​ upcoming year to​ all,​ including visiting travelers.

On the​ 15th day of​ the​ third lunar month,​ the​ city of​ Taiwan is​ taken over by this world-renowned Asian festivity - a​ must for travelers in​ the​ area because of​ its spectacular parade. at​ the​ nucleus of​ the​ 160 temple celebration are Pao Sheng in​ Taipei & the​ Temple of​ Ching Tzu in​ Hseuhchia. Spearheaded by a​ group called the​ Centipedes,​ worshippers attending the​ city-wide parade throw themselves on​ the​ ground to​ be stepped upon,​ as​ a​ symbolic exorcising of​ their demons.

Travel Asia: Yasothon Rocket Festival

Travel Asia: Asakusa Samba

In the​ middle of​ May,​ things get noisy for Asian travelers to​ the​ Phaya Thaen Park in​ Thailand. Historically,​ the​ festival started as​ an​ offering to​ the​ gods of​ the​ sky,​ exploding gorgeous rockets to​ encourage rainfall for rice crop growth. Nowadays,​ event has become something more of​ a​ sport,​ with competitions to​ see whose rocket can fly the​ farthest,​ & whose explodes the​ most.

Toyko's version of​ the​ Rio Carnaval happens every August,​ in​ the​ Asakusa district. Travelers to​ Asia & natives alike are amazed by the​ colorful sequined costumes & feathers of​ the​ dancing Samba girls,​ along with their full bands marching down the​ street alongside them.

Travel Asia: the​ Festival of​ the​ Hungry Ghosts

Hong Kong hosts this unusual yearly event,​ held on​ the​ 14th day of​ the​ seventh moon (sometime in​ August,​ during a​ full moon). Legend says that the​ gates of​ Hades were opened on​ this day,​ & the​ dead who can't rest were left to​ run the​ streets mischievously. the​ Yue Lan Festival,​ as​ it​ is​ known in​ Chinese,​ has natives of​ the​ city putting up odd paper monuments all over the​ streets,​ which are then ceremoniously burned on​ the​ last day.

Travel Asia: the​ Monkey God Festival

The Monkey God first appeared in​ Chinese literature during the​ Ming Dynasty in​ the​ book,​ "Pilgrims to​ the​ West". Since then,​ this deity has been celebrated during the​ month of​ September at​ Kowloon's Sau Mau Ping Temple,​ by recreating a​ bizarre attempted execution by other the​ other gods - which includes such things as​ a​ ladder of​ knives,​ & charcoal set on​ fire. Travelers to​ this strange Asian celebration want not be concerned,​ though - the​ Monkey God lived,​ & so do the​ participants in​ this celebration.
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