Travel Around Lisbon And Portugal And Exploring Its Beauty

Lisbon,​ Portugal and its history has been written about on​ so many pages,​ its monuments have been described in​ many different ways so that it​ gives you​ the​ feeling that time has never passed,​ not only because its architecture has been kept intact even though it​ was terribly hit by an​ earthquake in​ 1755,​ but also because the​ people themselves are patient and not in​ a​ hurry.

On flying into the​ airport and getting comfortably installed in​ your hotel,​ pull out your easy readable map and begin at​ the​ Plaza do Comercio,​ on​ the​ River Tagus. From there,​ you​ can go towards the​ water and the​ port or​ into the​ city to​ visit the​ austere church and the​ history opening up before your eyes. So now it​ is​ about time that someone gave curious knowledge seekers a​ curious view of​ Lisbon.

Everywhere you​ go,​ you​ are surrounded by music. in​ the​ streets you​ can hear the​ music from the​ birds,​ when shopping the​ piped in​ music accompanies you,​ so why not delve into the​ music which is​ so typical of​ Portugal and in​ particular,​ Lisbon with the​ Fado.

Discover Lisbon's Heart - Fado

Fado,​ which means destiny,​ is​ thought to​ have come from the​ nostalgic ballads sung on​ long journeys or​ from the​ Lundum songs of​ the​ black slaves from Brazil. it​ was usually sung in​ brothels or​ not very recommendable pubs because its lyrics talked about inner forbidden passions. But thanks to​ Amalia Rodrigues,​ who has been compared to​ such well known singer like Ella Fitzgerald or​ Edith Piaf,​ the​ Fado has become internationally known.

Amalia used poems from the​ greatest Portuguese poets,​ starting from the​ anthology of​ medieval music up to​ now,​ wearing the​ classical dress and black shawl to​ add the​ finishing touch. the​ Fado,​ initially accompanied by the​ classical guitar and by the​ twelve string lute and sometimes by the​ saxophone,​ is​ an​ intense sound with so much feeling behind it. Who would pass up the​ opportunity to​ spend a​ night lit by candlelight,​ soaking up history through music?

And one may ask themselves,​ how do we know where to​ go to​ listen to​ the​ best of​ Fado? in​ Lisbon there are quite a​ lot of​ places. Go to​ the​ tourism office and get a​ good street map of​ Lisbon. Then start with the​ House of​ Fado and Guitar,​ a​ sort of​ mini-museum,​ so you​ can read the​ history and come into contact with it​ for the​ first time. it​ is​ found in​ one of​ the​ most typical neighborhoods called Alfama. There,​ in​ Alfama,​ if​ you​ just roam about the​ streets after dinner,​ the​ sound will reach your ears without you​ even having to​ go look foot it. or​ even better,​ visit the​ house where Amalia Rodrigues lived and discover her dresses and jewellery. or​ head to​ the​ Neighbourhood da Mouraria,​ old Moorish area of​ Lisbon and the​ cradle of​ Severa,​ the​ first mythical Fado singer. And before you​ go sightseeing in​ other parts of​ Portugal like Porto,​ Fatima,​ Faro or​ Albufeira,​ go into a​ record shop and nosey around looking for the​ latest Fado singer such as​ Camane or​ Misia.

After this enriching experience,​ start out from Lisbon,​ to​ sightsee its surrounding towns. you​ hit on​ the​ River Duero and the​ city of​ Porto or​ sometimes called Oporto. This zone and the​ Mino River Valley are the​ most fertile vineyards where the​ renown Oporto wine is​ produced. From spring until the​ fall,​ when the​ grapes are collected,​ the​ landscape is​ like a​ canvas painting done in​ all the​ hues of​ green imaginable. Whatever the​ weather may be at​ the​ time of​ your visit,​ a​ few tours to​ the​ wine cellars with a​ sample taste of​ the​ most distinctive wines is​ well welcomed. And if​ you​ are fortunate enough for a​ visit to​ the​ Azores Islands ( ) or​ to​ Madeira,​ do the​ same and try their delicious wine. From the​ 16th century sailors had used these islands as​ a​ resting place on​ their long journeys. During their stay,​ they of​ course enjoyed the​ local wine,​ almost freshly squeezed. So when they set sail,​ they loaded up with wine but realized that the​ wine had a​ better flavor after having been through warmer weather and this heating process has added greatly to​ the​ whole complicated process in​ producing what is​ called vintage wine.

So other than monuments,​ you​ can see that a​ good glass of​ wine and Fado music can make your trip to​ Lisbon a​ memorable one.
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