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So you​ are like John Locke of​ the​ TV series Lost & basically (literally) dying for an​ adventure. or​ maybe you​ are bored to​ death & you​ want to​ experience more of​ life. Have no fear. no need to​ travel across the​ globe to​ taste adventure in​ the​ wilds of​ Africa or​ the​ rainforests of​ South America. Why should you​ when you​ have got Alaska. Alaska. the​ 49th state & fondly known as​ the​ Land of​ the​ Midnight Sun & the​ Last Frontier.

Most people believe that Alaska,​ a​ name which comes from an​ Aleut word meaning "land that's not an​ island" is​ basically tundra in​ the​ middle of​ nowhere because of​ it​ is​ distance from the​ lower 48 states & because most of​ the​ stories you​ hear about it​ are usually related to​ the​ cold & snow & so-called vast,​ desolate,​ open spaces. But you​ thought wrong.

Alaska - the​ largest state (by land mass) is​ also one of​ the​ least populated - is​ a​ land that combines the​ attractive snowy scenery of​ the​ Alps with the​ challenge of​ an​ adventure trip to​ the​ Congo.

Don't believe me?

River Fishing
When someone mentions Alaska,​ people usually visualize a​ land of​ ice & frozen desert. So it​ is​ a​ bit hard to​ imagine people being able to​ fish in​ such a​ place. But like I mentioned earlier,​ Alaska is​ a​ place filled with adventure,​ a​ place well worth travelling to.

That's okay because i have got proof.

For your Alaska fishing adventure,​ you​ can try your luck at​ hooking any of​ a​ variety of​ prized fish like: Silver Salmon in​ Resurrection Bay during August & September,​ the​ King Salmon of​ the​ Lower Kenai River from May to​ July or​ Red (Sockeye) Salmon,​ Dolly Varden & Rainbow Trout in​ the​ Upper Kenai River.

Yes,​ you​ can raft to​ your hearts' content & pretend you​ are a​ lone wanderer having an​ adventure in​ the​ midst of​ the​ vast array of​ Alaskan wildlife. Travel & encounter the​ plenty of​ natural wonders of​ Alaska. Listen to​ the​ stories of​ the​ natives. Catch a​ glimpse of​ moose & bald eagles as​ you​ hold on​ for dear life while traversing the​ rapids of​ Kenai River Canyon - a​ trip that's highly recommended & one that you​ don't want to​ miss.

Sea Kayaking
This not so common adventure is​ one that only travelling to​ Alaska can bestow upon you. This is​ not for the​ feint of​ heart & make sure,​ that you​ don't attempt this alone.

This is​ an​ adventure you​ must grab because there is​ virtually nothing that compares to​ backpacking in​ Alaska. you​ can of​ work choose your own adventure travel destination: Brooks Range,​ Artic Refuge,​ Talkeetna Mountains,​ & Wrangell-St. Elias to​ name a​ few.

Dog Sledding
This is​ probably the​ most popular sport in​ Alaska & an​ adventure worth telling your grandchildren,​ great grandchildren,​ friends,​ barber or​ whoever will listen. if​ you​ so choose,​ you​ can basically watch the​ dog sled races or​ try it​ out yourself by mushing your own team. the​ Siberian huskies,​ are highly trained so there is​ no need to​ worry about your safety. Plus,​ if​ you​ have the​ time,​ you​ can also visit the​ renowned author,​ husky owner & Alaskan original Mary Shields.

Expeditions to​ Walrus Island
So you​ haven't seen any of​ those furry adorable creatures up close? Find yourself aching for more of​ a​ marine adventure than a​ landlocked one? or​ perhaps you​ are content to​ basically watch. Have no fear because Alaska's Walrus Island has it​ all. you​ can view walrus,​ other marine mammals & rare bird species from the​ comfortable deck of​ a​ cruising yacht. But if​ you​ want a​ bit more of​ a​ challenge,​ you​ can take a​ hiking trip & see more of​ the​ Alaskan wildlife.

So... are you​ now convinced that travelling to​ Alaska is​ an​ adventure that you​ must not miss? I sure hope so because if​ you​ aren't - what is​ wrong with you. kidding,​ however before making reservations be sure you​ have got everything you​ need like clothes for wide range of​ temperatures & a​ comfortable pair of​ hiking boots.

Fjord Exploration
If you​ have ever dreamed of​ experiencing the​ sheer scale of​ an​ honest-to-goodness glacier that the​ pages of​ a​ book or​ movie screen can't convey then Alaska is​ the​ place to​ be? Unless,​ of​ work you​ prefer Greenland or​ Iceland for your icy adventure. I think not... & another of​ plenty of​ reasons why they should be thankful for the​ great State of​ Alaska.

& clearly... compare the​ available travel packages being offered by the​ travel agencies that cater to​ Alaska or​ you​ can make your own travel itinerary & then basically hire a​ guide to​ assist you​ along the​ way. a​ great place to​ start planning your trip is​ Alaska - the​ Last Frontier. a​ web-site dedicated to​ being a​ complete resource on​ Alaska.
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