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Namaskar,​ welcome to​ Incredible India,​ where culture echoes,​ tradition speaks,​ beauty enthralls and diversity delights.

Bounded by the​ majestic Himalayan ranges in​ the​ north and edged by an​ endless stretch of​ golden beaches,​ India is​ a​ vivid kaleidoscope of​ landscapes,​ magnificent historical sites and royal cities,​ misty mountain retreats,​ colorful people,​ rich cultures and festivities.

The timeless mystery and beauty of​ India has been waiting for you​ for 5000 years,​ always warm and inviting,​ a​ place of​ infinite variety - one that favors you​ with different facets of​ its fascination every time you​ visit India.

visit the​ four corners of​ India: North India,​ South India,​ East India,​ West India

North India - Land of​ Romance

You've arrived at​ Delhi. the​ months of​ planning and curiosity are over; you're actually in​ India. Every experience,​ every sound,​ every smell shouts that you've arrived somewhere magical,​ somewhere Special. it​ is​ here that the​ deep love of​ one man for one woman created the​ Taj Mahal; where the​ King of​ Kings ruled; where the​ sacred Ganges flows past holy cities; where the​ Himalayas stand silent and magnificent; where 5000 years of​ culture waits to​ be absorbed.

Delhi - the​ Old and the​ New

Delhi is​ above all an​ historic city,​ an​ elegant capital,​ content to​ leave to​ Calcutta and Bombay the​ roles of​ commercial and business supremacy. it​ is​ in​ fact really two distinct cities; the​ energy and colour and the​ thronged bazaars and Moghul architecture of​ Old Delhi contrast with the​ formal splendour of​ New Delhi,​ whose wide boulevards offer ever-changing perspectives of​ Lutyen's landscaped city. Delhi has several world-famous luxury hotels,​ with the​ comfort and style to​ ensure relaxation after your journey; from here,​ set forth to​ experience the​ sights and sounds of​ the​ city. the​ gracious Red Fort,​ the​ Jama Masjid (the largest mosque in​ India),​ the​ Qutab Minar complex with its soaring tower - all are waiting to​ be explored. Allows some time to​ wander round the​ inexpensive modern shops and handicraft centres. Magicians and dancing bears entertain crowds in​ the​ marketplaces,​ while fortune tellers may offer glimpses of​ the​ future. the​ heat of​ the​ day gives way to​ balmy evenings; enjoy a​ meal in​ one of​ the​ many splendid restaurants,​ the​ exotic music of​ sitars and veenas and the​ subtle rhythms of​ the​ tabla accompanying the​ delicious cuisines from throughout the​ country. Flights and trains and buses run from Delhi all over north India,​ so it​ is​ always easy to​ reach the​ next destination.

West India - the​ Warm West

After the​ vibrant atmosphere of​ Bombay,​ allow the​ palm-fringed beaches of​ Goa to​ warm your spirit in​ the​ sun and relax your mind. or​ meditate in​ cool and ancient Buddhist caves tunneled out of​ solid rock on​ the​ craggy hillsides - a​ dramatic contrast from the​ colourful fairs and festivals in​ unspoiled Gujarat. the​ choice is​ once again tremendous in​ this land that offers everything.

Mumbai - Gateway of​ India

There is​ a​ powerful life force at​ work in​ this thriving,​ modern commercial city,​ with its plate-glass skyscrapers and hectic colorful street life. the​ pace and confusion is​ vibrant,​ with businessmen hurrying to​ work,​ hooting traffic,​ fisherwomen in​ their bright sarees and 'tiffinwallahs' hurrying with their metal containers to​ deliver the​ businessman's lunch direct from his home to​ his office. After relaxing on​ Chowpatty beach under the​ cool evening sky,​ sipping refreshing milk from a​ large green coconut,​ you​ will start to​ love Bombay. you​ will feel ready to​ visit the​ elegant and world famous Taj Mahal hotel for a​ delicious snack or​ drink while watching the​ sunset over the​ many boats in​ the​ harbour. in​ the​ luxury and quiet of​ a​ hotel room,​ sightseeing can be planned. Consider a​ visit to​ the​ lofty Hanging Gardens next door to​ the​ intriguing Towers of​ Silence; or​ maybe win a​ million at​ the​ beautiful Mahalaxmi Racecourse,​ one of​ the​ finest in​ India. a​ glamorous day visiting the​ famous Bombay film studios can be arranged,​ and perhaps a​ chat with one of​ the​ many film stars. Relive the​ ancient stories of​ the​ Hindu gods sculpted on​ the​ walls of​ caves at​ Elephanta. This well known island,​ where monkeys scamper across your path,​ is​ a​ short and pleasant boat ride from the​ famous landmark in​ Mumbai - the​ Gateway of​ India. When ready to​ leave this city of​ tycoons,​ commerce,​ skyscrapers and film stars,​ prepare for adventures of​ a​ very different kind which await at​ its doorstep.

South India - a​ Heritage of​ Centuries

The delightful south; almost untouched by invasions throughout its history,​ the​ Indian heritage is​ more intact here than in​ other regions of​ the​ country. This is​ a​ land of​ temples,​ a​ land of​ the​ devout where new wonders await - the​ profusion of​ orange flowers,​ the​ shade of​ the​ banyan tree,​ and the​ soft beat of​ distant drums as​ yet another festival starts...

Chennai - a​ Kaleidoscope of​ Moods

Chennai is​ the​ centre of​ the​ Hindu tradition of​ Bharata Natyam (classical dancing) the​ art of​ temple sculpture also comes from this part of​ the​ country,​ and gives expression to​ both the​ devoutness and the​ artistic skills of​ the​ Tamil people. Chennai is​ the​ home of​ the​ ancient Dravidian civilisation,​ one of​ the​ oldest articulate cultures in​ the​ world. it​ is​ a​ city where the​ landscape of​ the​ past lives easily with more recent history. This busy,​ efficient metropolis is​ a​ good centre to​ plan a​ journey over South India. Make use of​ the​ international and domestic airport and the​ massive network of​ trains and buses. the​ friendliness,​ sincerity and colourfulness of​ the​ people can slowly be absorbed while taking a​ stroll over the​ sandy stretch of​ beach known as​ the​ Marina,​ or​ visiting Fort St. George,​ built by the​ British East India Company. So many of​ the​ street names reflect the​ city's long association with other cultures; China Bazar Road,​ Armenian Street,​ Portuguese Church Street for instance. in​ 78 AD,​ the​ Apostle St Thomas was martyred in​ the​ city,​ but the​ Christian faith now finds graceful expression in​ the​ many churches,​ particularly the​ San Thome Cathedral. View the​ whole panorama from the​ Chennai lighthouse,​ or​ experience the​ culture from ground level in​ the​ temples,​ art galleries or​ museums. Head off in​ any direction from Chennai - even east,​ across the​ Bay of​ Bengal by boat or​ plane to​ Port Blair in​ the​ Andaman Islands; a​ paradise archipelago,​ lush and forested,​ home of​ some of​ the​ most exotic plant-life in​ the​ world. the​ crystal clear waters shimmer with tropical fish,​ and the​ islands are famous for their corals and water-sports facilities. North of​ Chennai is​ the​ large state of​ Andhra Pradesh,​ rich in​ archeological and architectural treasures. the​ capital,​ Hyderabad,​ was once the​ seat of​ the​ fabled Nizams. the​ Charminar is​ a​ national symbol,​ and the​ Salar Jung Museum a​ rich repository of​ the​ Raj.

East India - Excitement and Tranquillity

In no time at​ all the​ stimulating bustle and heat of​ Calcutta is​ left far behind,​ opening out to​ the​ cool and luscious mountains of​ refreshing Darjeeling. Encounter the​ mighty range of​ the​ Himalayas in​ Sikkim,​ the​ one-horned rhinoceros in​ wonderful wildlife reserves,​ then dream of​ a​ forgotten age in​ the​ ancient holy towns on​ the​ plains of​ rural India.

Discover the​ Soul of​ Calcutta

Calcutta is​ the​ largest city in​ India,​ indeed one of​ the​ largest in​ the​ world. Established as​ a​ British trading post in​ the​ 17th century,​ the​ city rapidly grew,​ acquiring a​ life and vibrancy of​ its own. Its glory is​ still reflected in​ the​ buildings of​ Chowringhee and Clive Street,​ know as​ Jawaharlal Nehru Road and Netaji Subhash Road respectively. it​ is​ a​ city which leaves no-one indifferent-fascinating,​ effervescent,​ teeming with life,​ peoples,​ cultures. the​ impact can be a​ shock at​ first; the​ rickshaws,​ cars,​ brightly painted lorries,​ trolley buses,​ the​ cries of​ the​ street vendors,​ labourers hard at​ work on​ the​ construction of​ the​ vast underground railway,​ the​ noise and colour of​ the​ huge New Market,​ the​ bustle of​ the​ crowds...but soon the​ jumbled impressions will sort themselves out. Central Calcutta is​ best viewed in​ perspective around the​ rolling green of​ the​ Maidan,​ 3 square kilometres of​ parkland where the​ early-morning yoga sessions provide for the​ city dwellers a​ relaxation from the​ stresses of​ urban life. For relaxation of​ another kind,​ visit the​ Indian Museum,​ one of​ the​ finest in​ Asia. Other attractions include the​ huge white marble Victoria Memorial,​ the​ Octherlony Monument and the​ headquarters of​ the​ Rama Krishna mission. to​ the​ north of​ the​ city is​ the​ silent beauty of​ the​ Belur Math and,​ across the​ river,​ the​ Botanical gardens (with a​ 200 years old Banyan tree,​ reputedly the​ largest in​ the​ world) and the​ Kali temple of​ Dakshineshwar.

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