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Your vacation time is​ coming up .​
Most of​ us get just one lengthy vacation each year .​
You want to​ get the​ most out of​ your time and hard-earned money .​
Getting a​ good price on​ airfare and accommodations leaves more money for sightseeing and shopping .​
Unless you're an​ expert researcher - who enjoys doing the​ research - you'll do well to​ consult a​ travel agency to​ help you​ make your arrangements .​
Using a​ travel agency frees up your valuable time and assures a​ smoothly coordinated trip .​
This is​ particularly true with the​ new restrictions in​ etiquette and luggage contents now imposed on​ travelers.
How do you​ know the​ travel agency you​ choose is​ reputable? There are two excellent signatures .​
Recommendations from seasoned travelers who use the​ same travel agency again and again are highly credible .​
Another earmark of​ a​ reputable travel agency is​ membership in​ ASTA,​ the​ American Society of​ Travel Agents .​
ASTA agents are provided education through seminars and industry events which keep them on​ the​ cutting edge of​ the​ latest travel requirements and resources with which to​ best serve their customers .​
Now,​ let's take a​ look at​ some of​ the​ other advantages of​ the​ travel agency.
Whether you're taking a​ short trip or​ traveling overseas,​ the​ reputable travel agency is​ equipped to​ organize your trip to​ your maximum advantage .​
They've got the​ inside scoop on​ the​ snarly details of​ travel which might have a​ significant impact on​ your trip .​
For example,​ were you​ aware that you​ might run into serious trouble with authorities if​ you​ are traveling out of​ country with your own child? a​ good travel agency will advise a​ letter of​ consent from the​ other parent be packed along with your passport .​
Just imagine the​ other problems you​ can avoid with the​ expertise of​ a​ knowledgeable agent.
Although there are online airfare bookings that can save you​ money,​ you​ can also go crazy trying to​ find the​ best deal .​
When you​ do finally book,​ it's entirely possible you'll see a​ much better fare tomorrow .​
a​ good travel agency has all of​ those databases down,​ with the​ latest promotions at​ their fingertips.
Another super benefit of​ the​ travel agency is​ that they get feedback and excellent tidbits from the​ customers they talk with every day .​
They can give you​ tips on​ transportation,​ activities and etiquette in​ foreign countries that you​ may not find on​ your own in​ a​ shelf full of​ travel books.
A travel agency provides personal service .​
Let the​ agent know what you're looking to​ get out of​ your travel experience .​
The agent can tailor your trip arrangements to​ your style and pocketbook in​ an​ unbiased,​ professional way for the​ results you​ want .​
They are there to​ please you​ .​
Finally,​ should you​ encounter problems on​ your trip,​ your travel agent is​ your professional back-up and will step in​ to​ iron out the​ wrinkles and get you​ back on​ track.
When you're going on​ vacation,​ don't leave home without the​ services of​ a​ travel agency!
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