Train Travel Is The Perfect Family Getaway This Winter

In an​ era when gas prices are at​ record levels and the​ cost of​ an​ airline ticket buys you​ a​ bag of​ peanuts and little else,​ it's difficult to​ imagine taking any kind of​ family vacation.

Yet according to​ the​ Travel Experts Survey conducted at​ MLT University,​ the​ nation's largest travel agent education event,​ more than 750 travel professionals indicate a​ renewed interest in​ family travel this year. Agents predict that this trend is​ likely to​ continue throughout the​ holidays and the​ new year.

This December,​ no vacation kindles family togetherness more than a​ scenic rail journey through glacier-capped mountains and snow-filled valleys aptly labeled the​ "Land of​ a​ Million Christmas Trees."

Rocky Mountaineer Vacations' two-day "Winter Rail Journey" between the​ cosmopolitan city of​ Vancouver,​ British Columbia,​ and the​ ski resort town of​ Banff,​ Alberta,​ in​ the​ Canadian Rockies promises breathtaking views,​ entertaining stories about the​ region and a​ holiday filled with memory-making moments.

Festivities on​ every winter rail vacation include music and entertainment. Children enjoy a​ dedicated specialty coach that features an​ entertainer who leads the​ group in​ song,​ holiday crafts,​ board games and other activities. For adult guests,​ a​ second specialty coach features live jazz music and a​ bar serving holiday beverages such as​ mulled wine and eggnog.

With two levels of​ service,​ Rocky Mountaineer guests can choose how the​ family will see the​ Canadian landscape. Guests opting to​ stay in​ RedLeaf Service can anticipate spacious,​ reclining seats with large picture windows and warm meals served at​ their seats. the​ bi-level,​ glass-domed GoldLeaf Service car,​ however,​ features panoramic views on​ the​ upper level and an​ elegant dining room on​ the​ main floor.

And if​ two days doesn't seem like nearly enough of​ an​ escape,​ there are also seven different winter packages to​ choose from,​ ranging from four to​ 10 days.

So whether travelers seek a​ one-of-a-kind experience or​ just a​ different way to​ travel with the​ family,​ there are adventures just waiting to​ be discovered in​ Western Canada this winter.
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