Top Ten Travel Destinations Part II

National Geographic magazine recently released an​ updated version of​ its top travel lists,​ and the​ destinations listed all have the​ advantages of​ unparalleled scenery,​ a​ developed economy geared towards tourists,​ and the​ advantages of​ careful exploitation,​ tempered by the​ fact that they are usually adjacent to​ more popular destinations in​ terms of​ volume.. Here are the​ final five in​ the​ list of​ the​ best places to​ travel to.

6) Rocky Mountain parks,​ Canada: There are four National Parks in​ a​ row in​ the​ Rocky Mountain range of​ Canada,​ running through the​ two provinces of​ Alberta and British Columbia. Combined,​ these parks offer some of​ the​ best adventure and recreational sport travel opportunities in​ the​ world,​ along with unique scenery and incredible biodiversity. Banff and Jasper are perhaps the​ best known of​ the​ parks,​ with Banff being a​ mere hour drive from the​ city of​ Calgary. Yoho and Revelstoke also offer great opportunities for skiers and hikers.

7) Scottish Highlands,​ United Kingdom: This site has it​ all in​ terms of​ cultural appeal and natural beauty. the​ towering mountains offer all the​ recreational choices of​ young fold ranges. For the​ sightseer,​ there are various opportunities. Natural attractions include the​ Corrieshaloch Gorge and the​ fabled Loch Ness,​ while heritage also factors high with the​ area’s many castles and ancient cairns. the​ area offers opportunities at​ all times of​ the​ year,​ from spring alpine blooms to​ fall foliage.

8) Kruger National Park,​ South Africa: Surprisingly,​ this park located along the​ border with Mozambique is​ the​ only African safari destination in​ the​ top ten. This could be due to​ its historical origins as​ one of​ the​ first protected areas in​ Africa,​ and also with its well-developed and natural tourist opportunities. Kruger encompasses two ecosystems,​ dry savanna in​ the​ north and open grassland in​ the​ south. There is​ a​ huge array of​ wildlife in​ the​ area,​ including all of​ the​ African “Big Five” (rhino,​ elephant,​ leopard,​ lion,​ and Cape Buffalo),​ antelope,​ giraffe,​ wild dog,​ and many other species of​ wildlife. the​ Park is​ also located in​ one of​ the​ more politically stable regions of​ Africa,​ unaffected by the​ high crime that embroils the​ rest of​ the​ country.

9) Kyoto historic district,​ Japan: Anyone who has watched the​ recently released Memoirs of​ a​ Geisha can imagine the​ appeal of​ this area,​ ninth on​ the​ list. Ancient Buddhist temples,​ wooden townhouses,​ and geisha houses bound in​ a​ modern day reflection of​ ancient Japanese glory. the​ area is​ abundant with detailed Japanese xeriscape and architecture,​ from gardens to​ bridges,​ nobility houses and public works buildings.

10) Quebec City historic city center,​ Canada: Quebec City is​ the​ French cultural heart of​ Canada,​ and the​ City center is​ representative of​ all that the​ francophone culture includes. This is​ the​ only city in​ North America that has preserved its colonial ramparts and also incorporates all of​ the​ old trappings of​ fortresses,​ such as​ bastions and towers. the​ area is​ also considered to​ be a​ World Heritage Centre.
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