Top Holiday Travel Destinations

Despite the​ high cost of​ fuel and other travel expenses,​ an​ estimated 63.5 million Americans are planning to​ travel at​ least 50 miles or​ more from home this Christmas and New Year. Hotel rates are up nearly 15% at​ some popular destinations,​ yet bookings are full or​ nearly full.

So where do all of​ these people plan to​ go?

Domestic Destinations
According to​ AAA of​ the​ United States,​ here are the​ top destinations based on​ the​ number of​ bookings for each location.

Orlando is​ the​ top destination for fairly obvious reasons but Ft. Lauderdale is​ also in​ the​ top ten. Florida offers a​ wealth of​ activities and options for families,​ singles,​ and all types of​ traveler. Perennial favorite Disney World will attract hundreds of​ thousands of​ visitors between Christmas and New Year's Eve,​ while other Florida attractions like Gatorland,​ Kennedy Space Center,​ and the​ Everglades will also be popular. it​ is​ also common for the​ beaches of​ Ft. Lauderdale to​ be filled with vacationers during the​ holiday season,​ which is​ second only to​ spring break in​ terms of​ number of​ tourists.

It is​ not too late to​ check out some of​ the​ great last minute deals throughout Florida. With a​ little research and a​ willingness to​ be flexible,​ you​ can still enjoy Florida this holiday season.

California has three cities in​ the​ top ten travel destinations this holiday season -- Los Angeles,​ San Francisco and San Diego. All three offer a​ wide range of​ activities for tourists of​ all ages,​ and the​ generally pleasant December weather in​ California makes it​ a​ favorite place for vacationers from colder climates in​ need of​ sunshine.

The Los Angeles area is​ the​ gateway to​ Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm,​ two extremely popular amusement parks. Just a​ short drive to​ the​ south and east is​ San Diego,​ a​ relaxing area that is​ home to​ a​ laid-back lifestyle of​ beaches,​ surfing,​ and shopping.

If an​ urban experience is​ more to​ your liking,​ opt for San Francisco,​ where you​ can enjoy international culture,​ a​ ride on​ the​ famous cable cars,​ a​ visit to​ the​ Golden Gate Bridge,​ and a​ winding trip down Lombard Street,​ touted as​ the​ "crookedest street" in​ the​ world.

Other great holiday escapes
Some of​ the​ other most popular holiday escapes in​ the​ United States include New York City,​ Chicago,​ Boston,​ Nashville and Las Vegas.

The holidays are legendary in​ New York City,​ with ice-skating in​ Central Park and the​ elegant decorations around Rockefeller Center. in​ Chicago,​ visitors flock to​ the​ Navy Pier Winter Wonderfest as​ well as​ the​ famous holiday window display at​ Marshall Field's department store. you​ can't beat Boston,​ though,​ for a​ traditional New England holiday vacation. Check out the​ Prudential Center Christmas Tree,​ walk the​ Freedom Trail of​ historic Revolutionary War era sites,​ or​ do something entirely different and take Boston Duck Tour on​ a​ World War II era amphibious vehicle.

Looking for something a​ bit different? Consider Las Vegas for the​ holidays,​ where the​ abundance of​ holiday lights dwarfs even the​ normal profusion of​ neon and color. Every casino along the​ strip works to​ outdo the​ others with lights and decorations,​ with some of​ the​ most amazing displays located at​ Caesars Palace,​ the​ Bellagio and the​ Monte Carlo.

One of​ the​ most relaxed holiday destinations in​ the​ U.S. is​ Nashville,​ home to​ the​ "down home country Christmas" festivities at​ the​ Opryland Resort and Grand Ole Opry as​ well as​ special holiday programs at​ the​ Country Music Hall of​ Fame. Nashville's historic homes are also dressed up for the​ holidays,​ so think about taking a​ bus tour of​ the​ city to​ enjoy the​ spectacular lights and decorations.

International Destinations
International travel is​ always popular around the​ holidays,​ and Americans are flocking to​ destinations all over the​ globe this holiday season.

It is​ icy and cold across much of​ the​ northern United States,​ but summer in​ Australia! For cultural attractions and urban festivities,​ tourists stop in​ Melbourne and enjoy some Christmas Carols at​ the​ Myer Music Bowl,​ or​ visit the​ famed Opera House in​ Sydney.

Since Christmas falls at​ the​ beginning of​ summer in​ Australia,​ many holiday visitors spend their vacation at​ a​ spectacular beach location such as​ Shark Bay,​ where diving enthusiasts can swim with dolphins and sharks,​ or​ along the​ Queensland Gold Coast,​ an​ area with over 30 kilometers of​ beautiful sandy beaches plus great restaurants,​ shopping,​ and an​ ever-present nightlife.

If you​ want a​ truly amazing holiday experience,​ go to​ Australia's Christmas Island,​ a​ pristine island that is​ largely a​ National Park and home to​ amazing plants and animals. you​ can scuba dive with whale sharks,​ enjoy the​ peace and quiet of​ a​ bird watching excursion,​ or​ seek adventure with a​ sport fishing trip in​ search of​ sailfish,​ tuna and wahoo.

This is​ one of​ the​ jewels of​ the​ Mediterranean,​ offering an​ amazing array of​ food,​ activities,​ and traditional holiday celebrations. Corsica is​ famous for its hospitality and beautiful lands,​ so it​ definitely belongs on​ your "short list" of​ exotic holiday getaways.

Corsica is​ home to​ varied landscapes,​ ranging from sparkling beaches and Mediterranean ocean reserves to​ towering mountains and nature parks. Traditional holiday festivals include the​ renowned Fiera di a​ Castagna,​ or​ Chestnut Fair. This annual event attracts tens of​ thousands of​ visitors each year,​ who are treated to​ arts,​ crafts,​ food and entertainment related to​ one of​ the​ islands main products,​ the​ chestnut. it​ is​ a​ holiday tradition for tourists from across the​ European continent,​ and well worth exploring on​ your holiday vacation.

United Kingdom
For a​ unique holiday experience,​ check out the​ United Kingdom this year. it​ is​ a​ perennially popular spot due to​ the​ many places of​ historical significance as​ well as​ culture and the​ arts. in​ London itself,​ you​ can see Parliament,​ visit the​ Tower of​ London,​ hear the​ sounds of​ Big Ben chiming the​ time,​ or​ ride a​ famed double Decker bus all around the​ city.

Visit Windsor Castle,​ the​ largest inhabited castle in​ the​ world and home to​ the​ British Sovereign for 900 years. you​ can tour this magnificent structure,​ getting a​ taste of​ the​ history and tradition of​ the​ British monarchy. When the​ Queen is​ in​ residence,​ you​ will see her standard flying high atop the​ round tower,​ visible from all directions as​ you​ enter the​ town.

If something sweeter is​ more to​ your liking,​ venture to​ Birmingham's own Cadbury World,​ known as​ the​ chocolate paradise. There you​ can learn all about the​ famous Cadbury Chocolates,​ enjoy samples,​ and watch how the​ chocolates are made,​ wrapped and packed. Father Christmas is​ on​ site throughout the​ holidays,​ greeting children of​ all ages with a​ present of​ their very own.
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