Thinking About Traveling To Australia

By size,​ English-speaking Australia is​ the​ 6th largest country in​ the​ world and it​ extends on​ to​ include a​ group of​ islands - one of​ which you​ might be familiar: Tasmania! Other countries close by include New Guinea,​ Vanuatu,​ New Zealand,​ and a​ few more. So if​ you're thinking about traveling to​ Australia,​ you​ might appreciate knowing a​ few answers to​ some questions that people usually ask before making a​ trip to​ 'The Land Down Under' based either on​ rumors they've heard or​ the​ experience of​ others.

Answers About Appliance Compatibility

For instance,​ you​ might appreciate knowing what personal appliances of​ yours will work in​ this country,​ like a​ blow dryer or​ some other appliance that you​ need to​ 'plug in​ somewhere'. you​ should note that although the​ country is​ closer to​ American culture than most of​ the​ others,​ the​ outlets in​ Australia are not the​ same as​ the​ outlets in​ the​ U.S.

If you're an​ American traveling to​ Australia,​ you're going to​ need to​ get some socket adapters and you​ might also need to​ get some voltage adapters so that you​ can get some of​ your electronic appliances from back home to​ work. This is​ of​ course assuming that these adapters are not already in​ place at​ the​ hotel that you​ stay at​ (like if​ you​ were to​ visit with a​ relative or​ stay with a​ friend).

If you​ want to​ bring along some VHS videos (like home videos) with you​ on​ your trip however,​ you​ won't have a​ problem displaying these because all VHS videos play on​ Australian VCRs. And if​ you​ can manage to​ get your hands on​ a​ DVD player that works in​ any location of​ the​ world,​ then you'll certainly have no problem with displaying these disks either.

Other things like CD players and personal computers should work fine too,​ but your current telephone won't work at​ all unless it​ can operate on​ a​ GSM-900 frequency. Should you​ decide to​ stay at​ a​ hotel,​ these accommodations should already be put in​ place. They're really only relevant if​ again,​ you​ decide to​ visit with a​ relative or​ stay with a​ friend - or​ anywhere that might not support or​ use American-based electronics.

Answers About Tipping

Tipping in​ a​ foreign country is​ always a​ concern,​ as​ we're often not too sure how much to​ tip or​ if​ even tipping is​ part of​ the​ custom. Although it's customary in​ the​ United States,​ it's actually an​ insult to​ tip a​ serviceman in​ other parts of​ the​ world. And what makes the​ issue even more confusing is​ that the​ rules about when to​ tip,​ who to​ tip,​ and how much to​ tip change all the​ time. Fortunately,​ the​ tipping rules in​ Australia are pretty simple. if​ you​ want to​ tip,​ feel free but note that most service charges are already included in​ any bill that you​ pay.

Answers About Touring the​ Land

Because of​ its immense size,​ touring about Australia is​ nothing short of​ extreme temptation- so you​ may appreciate a​ little lesson in​ its geography. For instance,​ if​ you​ plan to​ rent a​ car and create your own personal excavation,​ understand that most cities are situated around its coast. as​ you​ travel inward,​ toward the​ center of​ this continent,​ you​ enter areas that are less populated and the​ more inward you​ go - the​ more remote things become.

Although this certainly presents a​ circumstance of​ uncharted adventure for you,​ you're strongly advised to​ stick to​ the​ cities along the​ outer limits unless you​ bring along an​ experienced guide. as​ long as​ you​ stick to​ the​ populated areas,​ you'll be fine and you​ may come to​ enjoy some of​ the​ most attractive sights in​ the​ world like:

The Great Barrier Reef - located off the​ northeastern coast of​ Australia,​ it's the​ largest coral reef in​ the​ world.

The Red Centre - home to​ the​ largest monolith in​ the​ world; otherwise known as​ the​ Ayers Rock.

Sydney - a​ popular city that offers Opera House entertainment plus the​ Bondi,​ Chinaman,​ and Manly beaches.

Melbourne - another city known for its stylish architecture,​ dining,​ and shopping

Canberra - the​ most modernized center of​ the​ world that serves as​ Australia's own capital as​ well.

Of course,​ you​ wouldn't want to​ miss Australia's own unique plant life either - a​ sight that you​ simply won't find anywhere else in​ the​ world. And because Australia is​ rich with distinctive plant life,​ you're bound to​ catch sight of​ some unusual animals that you've probably only seen in​ books!

This certainly isn't an​ extensive list of​ all your concerns,​ but hopefully it​ answered some of​ your thoughts about traveling to​ this great land.

Travel by Bus

Australia's main cities can be well traveled by buses,​ as​ they frequently tour these areas on​ a​ regular basis. Moving about within urban and rural cities (up to​ 30 miles from city limits),​ you​ can visit some of​ the​ popular tourist attractions with discount tickets or​ ticket purchased directly from the​ bus driver.

Travel in​ Australia by Taxi

Traveling by taxi provides an​ extremely convenient way to​ move about when traveling short distances to​ important centers and residential districts. Like traveling by taxi in​ the​ United States,​ you​ can flag down a​ taxi anywhere in​ Australia including airports,​ train and bus stations,​ or​ even on​ the​ street.

Traveling in​ Australia by Car / Car Rental

Traveling by car rental in​ Australia is​ an​ inexpensive mode of​ traveling around the​ cities - especially since some car rental services in​ the​ area discount rentals that are arranged for three days or​ more. Rentals require a​ driver's license and a​ credit card that's issued to​ a​ driver between the​ ages of​ 23 to​ 70.
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