Themed Vacations An Exciting Way To Travel With Family

If you’re tired of​ the​ same old dreary and monotonous work routine,​ then its time to​ plan a​ fun holiday with your family. Themed holidays are always an​ exciting way to​ go about vacationing with your family,​ and one our most memorable family holidays was our ‘cowboy and Indian’ vacation. We traveled with our sons throughout the​ West,​ stopping at​ all of​ the​ most famous tourist spots along the​ way. First,​ we stopped over at​ Dodge City to​ explore and discover the​ cowboy way of​ life,​ and next we moved on​ to​ Southern Colorado where we explored the​ ancient ruins of​ the​ Pueblo Indians. Yes,​ it​ is​ hard to​ choose a​ theme for your vacation,​ but here are four of​ the​ most fun-filled ones that I think my grandchildren would enjoy the​ most:

 the​ first themed vacation would definitely have to​ be the​ Disney themed holiday vacation. Picture yourself escaping the​ freezing cold of​ winter and heading to​ sunny Florida to​ enjoy the​ sights and sounds of​ Disney World. Sounds like fun doesn’t it? the​ Disney themed vacation has always been a​ great favorite amongst the​ kids and adults alike. There are so many different places and attractions to​ visit that it​ would be very hard for you​ to​ decide where to​ go first. From the​ Magic Kingdom and Epcot Center to​ the​ Universal Studios and MGM studios,​ Disney world has a​ plethora of​ attractions for all and sundry. What’s more,​ it​ has its very own cruise line that has all the​ different Disney characters on​ board,​ making it​ a​ great place to​ travel with family. Disney World also has a​ special monorail train that will take you​ to​ all the​ sites.

 if​ you’ve always been dreaming of​ a​ winter vacation in​ sunny California,​ then you’ve already thought of​ the​ most fun holiday prospect ever. From the​ San Diego Zoo to​ LegoLand,​ San Diego has been and always will be a​ great hit with the​ young ones. But,​ if​ visiting theme parks is​ you​ thing,​ then you​ should head up north to​ the​ Los Angeles and Anaheim area. From Disneyland,​ Six Flags Magic Mountain and California Adventure Theme Park to​ Universal Studios,​ Southern California has everything you​ would ever want. What with its warm,​ cozy climate and its beautiful sun-kissed beaches,​ it​ truly is​ like paradise on​ earth. you​ can also go visit the​ gorgeous city of​ Carmel and historic San Simeon. you​ can also stop over at​ Monterey to​ take in​ the​ beautiful sights of​ the​ Pebble Beach Golf Course.

 Another one of​ our brilliant themed family holidays that we had was when we went on​ a​ historical trip to​ the​ East Coast. First,​ we stopped over at​ Hershey Pennsylvania where we visited Hershey Town. Then,​ we visited other historic sites in​ Virginia like George Washington’s home. Next,​ we moved on​ to​ Washington D.C. where we visited the​ malls,​ Washington Monument and all the​ Presidential Memorials. We even took a​ tour of​ the​ White House. if​ you’re a​ history buff and a​ patriot,​ you​ must go to​ the​ sacred site of​ Arlington Cemetery. No East Coast family holiday would be complete without visiting the​ Smithsonian. So,​ travel with family to​ the​ East Coast and discover for yourself how it​ can instill love and patriotism for the​ country in​ anyone.

 Travelling to​ National Parks and Monuments is​ another fun way for you​ to​ experience the​ beauty of​ going on​ a​ themed family holiday. From the​ Yellowstone National Park to​ the​ Old Faithful go off or​ the​ Petrified Forest National Pak in​ Arizona,​ themed vacations are the​ best way to​ vacation. the​ Grand Canyon is​ a​ natural attraction that you​ must visit at​ least once in​ your lifetime. you​ don’t have to​ be a​ child or​ a​ teenager to​ enjoy a​ fun-filled themed vacation. With themed vacations,​ fun holidays are here to​ stay!
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