The Ultimate Travelers Day Dream Come True

More than a​ few times,​ I’ve caught myself sitting at​ work day dreaming about dropping everything and just jumping on​ a​ plane. in​ October of​ 2003,​ I did just that.

Life can grind you​ down when you​ get in​ a​ rut. in​ my case,​ I had a​ particularly bad case of​ the​ blues in​ October 2003. My girlfriend and I had apparently come to​ an​ agreement that there was no need for me to​ exist on​ the​ face of​ the​ earth. My glamorous and exciting Internet business had become a​ bore. All and all,​ I was in​ a​ rut and needed a​ change. the​ travel gods apparently agreed.

On a​ Wednesday,​ I made the​ final decision to​ sell my business,​ get what I could for it​ and hit the​ road. the​ next day,​ I received a​ call from a​ man in​ Chicago what wanted to​ buy my web sites. This was particularly interesting since I hadn’t actually told anyone the​ sites were for sale. By the​ end of​ the​ day,​ we had agreed on​ a​ price,​ signed a​ contract and he was wiring the​ money.

First thing Monday morning,​ my bank verified the​ wired money had been received and credited to​ my bank account. I picked up a​ couple of​ American Express checks,​ packed a​ small backpack and headed to​ the​ airport in​ Los Angles,​ known as​ “LAX”.

The Dream Comes True

I walked into the​ international wing of​ LAX and did what every traveler has dreamed of​ doing. I stared at​ the​ flight board and just let the​ various destinations soak into my brain. After a​ few minutes,​ Asia percolated to​ the​ top of​ my grey matter and I started searching for the​ airlines with flights there.

After a​ few misses,​ I was able to​ get a​ ticket on​ a​ Korean Airlines flight to​ Bangkok. I passed through security,​ picked up a​ guidebook for Asia and headed to​ my gate. Three hours later,​ we lifted off the​ runway and I waived goodbye to​ rut for three months.

I’ve disdained heavy planning for my trips. I prefer a​ very loose schedule because I want time to​ live out unexpected events. if​ you​ ever get the​ chance to​ chuck everything and go travel for a​ few months,​ just do it. you​ never know when you’ll get the​ chance again!
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