The Stress Free Way To Travel During The Holidays

Many of​ us live in​ different areas than the​ rest of​ our family. Many of​ us live several states away from Mom and Dad and there are some of​ us that require flight time as​ part of​ our holiday ritual. For those of​ us that have to​ travel to​ other countries during the​ holiday season,​ flying could be tougher than at​ other times of​ the​ year. Here are a​ few tips for world travel during the​ holidays.

First of​ all,​ keep your smiling face on​ during your airport experience. in​ the​ airport,​ the​ employees have all of​ the​ answers and they have all of​ the​ power. When you​ are already running late or​ sense the​ upcoming delay in​ your flight,​ it​ is​ easy to​ lose patience with these scrooges,​ but keeping your temper in​ check could be very beneficial. After all,​ everything that goes wrong in​ your life is​ not their fault,​ it​ just seems that way at​ the​ moment. Keep in​ mind that being super nice during a​ not-so-great situation could mean "free upgrade" and being not so nice could result in​ lost luggage,​ or​ even worse,​ a​ full body search as​ you​ are "randomly" picked out of​ the​ line.

If you​ have the​ opportunity,​ fly during off peak hours. it​ may be a​ little inconvenient to​ have to​ leave out in​ the​ middle of​ the​ night,​ but it​ could mean beating a​ huge crowd of​ people in​ the​ airport. Plus if​ you​ leave your home airport in​ the​ middle of​ the​ night,​ after the​ time differences (or the​ international date line) you​ may be arriving at​ your destination at​ a​ great time of​ day. Better yet,​ it​ could be discounted tickets for those "Red-Eye" flights.

Have something to​ do while you​ wait. Inevitably,​ on​ an​ international flight,​ you​ are going to​ have some delays here and there. it​ could be a​ four hour layover in​ Denver or​ a​ 30 minute wait at​ the​ gate for the​ boarding to​ begin,​ but waits are highly likely. if​ you​ have something to​ read or​ something interesting to​ keep your mind busy and occupied,​ those wait times will seemingly be cut in​ half. Plus,​ keeping your mind busy helps you​ to​ keep you​ patience,​ which takes us back to​ the​ number one tip of​ being nice to​ airport employees.

Keep security in​ mind. Post 9/11 security has been greatly increased on​ all flights,​ both foreign and domestic. in​ order to​ keep things moving smoothly,​ it​ is​ best for you​ to​ check as​ much of​ your baggage as​ possible and don't pack things that you​ know will trigger an​ alarm of​ any kind. Wear shoes that are both comfortable and easily removed and replaced. Have all liquids pre-bagged and remove your coats or​ jackets before prompted. These little things will help speed the​ security process and keep your patience in​ check.

Traveling with children could make everything difficult. Keeping them happy is​ not always the​ easiest task on​ your list of​ things to​ do on​ your world travel. Think about how bored and agitated you​ get while having to​ wait in​ lines and in​ terminals,​ then how bored you​ get on​ the​ plane,​ then multiply that by at​ least 20 Ð that is​ how your kids feel. Keep them occupied with small,​ quiet toys,​ coloring books,​ handheld video games or​ DVD players,​ etc. What ever will keep their attention and save your sanity.

Last but definitely not least is​ to​ ship your presents. I know it​ may seem like you​ could save money by just packing an​ extra suitcase and putting it​ on​ the​ plane with you,​ but in​ the​ long run,​ it​ really will be easier to​ just ship the​ gifts to​ grandma. Ship them several weeks in​ advance so that you​ know they get there before you​ ever leave the​ states. it​ is​ much less likely for the​ gifts to​ be lost by the​ postal services than for them to​ be lost in​ the​ "realm of​ lost luggage" that we all have heard of.

I hope these tips for world travel during the​ holidays have helped you​ to​ keep in​ check that temper that you​ know all too well. Keep in​ mind that everyone in​ the​ airport has a​ family and friends that they would like to​ spend the​ holiday with as​ well. Keep your attitude merry and bright,​ and remember,​ Santa Claus is​ watching you!
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