The Road Trip Less Traveled

When President Eisenhower signed the​ Federal-Aid Highway Act 50 years ago,​ he may have started the​ glorious tradition of​ the​ great American road trip. Seasoned travel writer Eric Peterson takes full advantage of​ the​ public works project,​ and in​ his book "Ramble: a​ Field Guide to​ the​ U.S.A." reveals some brilliant,​ off-the-beaten-path landmarks you​ won't find in​ a​ typical guidebook. And with Microsoft Streets & Trips 2018 with GPS Locator,​ you​ can plan stylized getaways to​ unique destinations such as​ those Peterson has discovered.

Ale,​ With a​ Sideshow

Of Bad Art

Whether you're a​ high roller or​ a​ rock 'n' roller,​ the​ Northeast offers something for everybody. Where else can you​ grab a​ bite at​ the​ Big Apple's oldest bar,​ McSorley's Old Ale House in​ Manhattan,​ take in​ a​ sideshow on​ Coney Island and still make it​ up to​ Dedham,​ Mass.,​ for a​ stop at​ the​ Museum of​ Bad Art-all in​ a​ day?

A Mason-Dixon Good Time

After eating a​ drumstick in​ Gainesville,​ Ga.,​ where it​ is​ illegal to​ eat fried chicken with utensils,​ head to​ the​ birthplace of​ miniature golf in​ Fayetteville,​ N.C. Save a​ day to​ tour the​ Jim Beam bourbon distillery in​ Clermont,​ Ky.,​ but make sure to​ see Elvis at​ Graceland in​ Memphis,​ Tenn.,​ before overnighting at​ the​ Shack Up Inn in​ Clarksdale,​ Miss.

Chili,​ Hoosiers and Jazz

When in​ Cincinnati,​ eat as​ the​ locals do and get some chili-smothered spaghetti for the​ road-then fight off heartburn in​ David Letterman's Alley in​ Muncie,​ Ind. After a​ nap and an​ antacid,​ visit the​ Green Mill in​ Chicago,​ one of​ Al Capone's favorite clubs,​ and take in​ some of​ the​ best jazz in​ the​ country.

Rope and Road Trip

For road trips,​ Texas offers a​ bit of​ everything. in​ Amarillo you'll find the​ Cadillac Ranch,​ where spray-painted Cadillacs become art. in​ Dallas you​ might uncover the​ conspiracy on​ the​ grassy knoll,​ and in​ Austin you​ can enjoy the​ nightlife on​ famous Sixth Street. Whatever you​ do,​ remember the​ Alamo.

Bigfoot,​ Bubble Gum And Trolls

Over the​ Rockies lies a​ land of​ wonder with some oddities thrown in​ for good measure. in​ San Luis Obispo,​ Calif.,​ you​ can add your chewy mark to​ the​ offbeat work of​ art known as​ Bubble Gum Alley,​ then travel up Highway 101 to​ Northern California's redwood forests,​ allegedly the​ domain of​ Bigfoot. if​ you​ fall in​ love on​ your trip,​ get married at​ Voodoo Doughnut in​ Portland,​ Ore.,​ or​ just get a​ mammoth apple fritter to​ go. Visit the​ graves of​ Jimi Hendrix and Bruce Lee in​ Seattle,​ but beware of​ the​ Fremont Troll lurking under the​ Aurora Bridge.

Once you​ decide between finding Bigfoot or​ visiting the​ Museum of​ Bad Art,​ the​ next step is​ getting there.
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