The Road Less Travelled

"Two roads diverged in​ a​ wood,​ and I,​ I took the​ one less traveled by,​ And that has made all the​ difference."
- Robert Frost

I watched Leni Riefenstahl’s Triumph of​ the​ Will,​ a​ very controversial film on​ Hitler’s 1934 Nuremberg Rally put on​ by equally controversial Toronto film connoisseur,​ Reg Hartt,​ at​ the​ Cineforum (a make-shift theatre in​ his home). the​ movie blew me away. it​ was a​ powerful,​ real-life portrayal of​ Hitler’s propaganda machine and the​ horrifying consequences of​ mass media manipulation. an​ eerie chill went through my spine as​ I saw aerial footage of​ column after column of​ endless soldiers marching through the​ streets of​ Nuremberg. Little German boys and girls hailing the​ Fuhrer with innocent smiles and outstretched hands of​ youthful idealism. Little German youths beating the​ drums of​ death. Hitler parting a​ sea of​ loyal soldiers. And watching a​ nation mesmerized by the​ spell of​ this diminutive,​ unassuming,​ and rather plain looking monster.

What really hit me though was Reg Hartt’s commentary after the​ movie ended. a​ lady had kept coming to​ the​ viewing of​ that movie,​ over and over again. She had attended the​ viewing over sixteen times. When he asked her what she found so fascinating about the​ film. She told him that she was the​ young smiling girl in​ the​ movie looking down from a​ rooftop at​ Hitler’s parade. She was with her Mother,​ Father,​ sisters,​ and brother. They were waiving the​ Nazi flag and cheering Hitler on. They were Jews. She was the​ only survivor in​ her family.

What flag are you​ waiving? What herd mentality have we accepted without further thought,​ without scrutiny? I challenge you​ to​ take the​ road less traveled by. it​ is​ uncommon knowledge that gives rise to​ uncommon leadership.

Do something uncommon. Go to​ the​ library and pick out a​ book that you​ would never touch in​ a​ million years. Watch a​ film in​ a​ genre that you​ rarely see. Attend a​ lecture on​ a​ topic that would make most people go,​ “Huh?” What is​ one thing you​ can do or​ experience this month that is​ uncommon? Go do it.
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