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The multiculturalism,​ biodiversity,​ lengthy beaches and natural wonders of​ Central America make it​ difficult to​ decide on​ a​ particular travel destination within the​ region. Among the​ seven tropical countries,​ Honduras offers both urban and wildly rural adventures as​ well as​ a​ massive stretch of​ Caribbean coastline on​ its northern border. Hike through cloud forests,​ bird watch on​ a​ massive lake,​ and dive in​ the​ coral-filled waters off of​ the​ Bay Islands.

When you​ travel to​ Honduras,​ you​ will also get a​ glimpse of​ the​ tumultuous history in​ the​ region. Maya ruins of​ another era meet remnants of​ a​ bitter border dispute with El Salvador and the​ devastation of​ Hurricane Mitch in​ 1998. Book your airfare to​ Honduras and earn invaluable insight into the​ persevering culture and welcoming nature of​ the​ Honduran people. Travel to​ Honduras through the​ capital city of​ Tegucigalpa,​ where you​ can find connecting flights to​ other regions including the​ Caribbean.

Ruins,​ Reefs and Tropical Retreats

Honduras has a​ fascinating history of​ Maya civilization,​ Columbus’ arrival,​ Spanish colonialism and then finally independence from Spain in​ 1821. the​ province of​ Copán is​ one of​ the​ largest political departments in​ Honduras and also home to​ the​ Maya archeological site at​ Copán. the​ Copán Ruinas are located in​ an​ enchanting town of​ the​ same name,​ very close to​ the​ Guatemalan Border,​ and boast intricate sculpted works and texts dating back to​ the​ 2nd century CE.

When you​ book airfare to​ Honduras,​ schedule a​ side trip to​ Trujillo,​ the​ site where Columbus landed on​ his fourth and final trip to​ the​ New World. There are also wonderful beaches in​ Trujillo,​ protected by a​ bay and nature reserve. While on​ the​ Caribbean coast,​ do not miss the​ isolated La Mosquitia region in​ the​ northeast,​ home to​ the​ UNESCO World Heritage site Río Plátano Biosphere Reserve. Mountainous tropical rainforests plummet to​ the​ shores where over 2000 indigenous people pursue traditional lifestyles among some of​ the​ most diverse flora and fauna in​ Central America.

Just off the​ northern shore,​ the​ Islas de la Bahía (Bay Islands) are a​ true tropical haven for world class divers,​ snorkelers,​ and beach rats. the​ islands of​ Roatán,​ Guanaja and Utila all offer various levels of​ resort accommodations and activities,​ with Guanaja at​ the​ higher end. if​ land activities is​ more your fancy,​ make sure to​ visit Parque Nacional La Tigra. This pristine national park offers hiking and wildlife viewing in​ the​ majestic cloud forests of​ La Tigra,​ just watch out for the​ armadillos!

The Untouched Haven of​ Honduras

Visitors must understand that Honduras,​ despite its Caribbean location,​ is​ not as​ comfortable or​ acquainted with the​ tourism industry. Most travelers who visit Honduras are actually attracted by this quality as​ Honduras offers a​ more grounded,​ realistic experience to​ its visitors. Book your airfare to​ Honduras and enjoy a​ culturally authentic exploration of​ this Central American nation. Airfare to​ Honduras is​ also largely accessible through the​ nation’s neighbors: El Salvador,​ Guatemala and Nicaragua.
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