The Most Privileged Pets

While most people are content treating their pets to​ the​ ocassional plate of​ "people food" on​ special ocassions,​ or​ perhaps going so far as​ to​ give Fido his own Christmas stocking full of​ doggie treats,​ some pets are pampered more than many people pamper their children. Celebrities parade through the​ tabloid headlines,​ carrying their latest spoiled pet in​ their arms; upscale pet boutiques sell clothing,​ designer perfumes and even fancy shoes for dogs and cats; favored pets enjoy private air conditioning systems in​ their dog houses; tiny teacup dogs sport collars costing more than many new cars!

If there were a​ contest for the​ most pampered pets in​ the​ world,​ the​ competition would be fierce. Paris Hilton's famously pampered pet dog would surely be in​ the​ running,​ especially now that "mommy" has her own branded line of​ top-shelf designer pet apparel. But non-celebs can keep their "babies" in​ the​ running too,​ whether their tastes are as​ lavish as​ Paris' or​ they prefer the​ classic look of​ a​ pet trench coat from Burberry,​ perhaps paired with an​ elegant Gucci collar. And what pampered pet ensemble is​ complete without a​ proper manicure,​ offered by many pet grooming salons (complete with your choice of​ colored polish)?

Of course,​ the​ most pampered pets need more in​ their lavish lives than just fancy apparel. Outdoor pet houses are available with all manner of​ amenities,​ from climate control systems and uphoulstered interior furnishings,​ to​ exterior styling to​ rival the​ loveliest estate homes. Indoor pets can lounge on​ the​ finest goose-down feather beds,​ and enjoy hand-cooked meals on​ the​ finest serving silver. Pet entertainment systems are even available,​ for the​ feline left to​ watch the​ house alone,​ allowing them to​ watch video of​ fish and birds on​ demand (thanks to​ their own remote control).

But the​ most pampered pets aren't those who are left at​ home when their owners go out,​ no matter how lavish their surroundings. Surely,​ the​ most pampered pets are deserving of​ their own holiday accomodations at​ four-star pet hotels,​ available to​ accomodate travelling pets all over the​ world,​ from the​ UK to​ Japan. Rather than hiring a​ common dog sitter,​ your pampered pet can enjoy their own private hotel room,​ complete with plush furniture,​ on​ site veterinarians,​ "personal trainers" (aka: dog walkers) and even room service meals! Such accommodations are available to​ pampered pets around the​ world,​ from the​ UK to​ Japan.
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