The Most Popular Uses For A Personal Loan

The Most Popular Uses For a​ Personal Loan
The number of​ people taking out personal loans has risen dramatically over the​ last ten or​ fifteen years,​ but what are the​ reasons for this? in​ this article we'll look at​ the​ main uses of​ the​ loans that we take out.
Debt Consolidation
This is​ possibly the​ biggest single reason people take out a​ personal loan,​ with billions being lent to​ help people sort out their finances .​
The basic idea is​ to​ take out one single loan that you​ use to​ pay off all your other debts,​ leaving you​ with just one repayment to​ make .​
Not only does this make your financial life simpler and more easily managed,​ but if​ done properly the​ result should be that your debt is​ costing you​ less overall to​ service each month.
New Car
Although there are many different kinds of​ auto finance available,​ from basic car loans to​ vehicle plus finance packages,​ many of​ these deals work out to​ be quite expensive,​ and are often suited to​ people with poorer credit ratings .​
a​ normal personal loan,​ with a​ lower interest rate and less restrictions,​ can be a​ better option for funding a​ vehicle purchase for many people .​
The key benefit is​ that you're free to​ spend the​ loan amount on​ any car from any dealer,​ or​ even buy privately - an​ option not usually open to​ users of​ dedicated auto finance packages.
Home Improvements
The extreme rise in​ property prices over the​ last decade or​ so has left many people with large amounts of​ equity in​ their home .​
This means that their house is​ worth far more than the​ mortgage still owed on​ it .​
For some homeowners it​ can make good sense to​ 'cash in' some of​ this equity in​ the​ form of​ a​ loan,​ using the​ money to​ reinvest in​ their property by improving it .​
This can mean extra building works,​ improvements to​ faciilities such as​ bathrooms and kitchens,​ landscape gardening,​ or​ any other costly exercise that will ultimately increase the​ value of​ a​ property even further in​ the​ coming years.
Vacation or​ Travel
Also given the​ large amounts of​ equity many people have,​ a​ popular option is​ to​ free up some of​ this cash to​ finance a​ once in​ a​ lifetime vacation,​ cruise,​ or​ other kind of​ expensive travel .​
It's not generally recommended that you​ use your home as​ collateral for this kind of​ loan spending,​ as​ you'll be risking the​ future of​ your home with little to​ show for it​ once the​ vacation is​ over .​
An unsecured personal loan,​ however,​ is​ an​ ideal way of​ spreading the​ cost of​ an​ unforgettable experience over a​ year or​ two.
One final popular reason for taking out a​ personal loan is​ to​ pay for a​ wedding,​ either your own or​ a​ child's .​
Weddings these days can be incredibly expensive,​ usually running well into four or​ even five figures,​ and not many people have this kind of​ money in​ reserve .​
Naturally,​ a​ wedding day should be a​ day to​ remember always,​ and so many people feel it's well worth the​ cost of​ taking out a​ loan in​ order to​ make the​ day as​ perfect as​ possible .​
The funds will also be useful in​ paying for a​ great honeymoon,​ and even providing a​ few household essentials when moving into a​ first home.
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