The Freedom Of Travelling In A Camper Van

In this article,​ I am going to​ write about the​ joys of​ going on​ holiday in​ a​ camper van. Owning and travelling around in​ one of​ these vans gives people a​ lot of​ freedom of​ where they want to​ stop to​ sleep and for how long they want to​ stay in​ each destination. Many people from the​ UK decide to​ tour parts of​ Europe over a​ period of​ months in​ one of​ these type of​ vehicles.

I was recently talking to​ a​ neighbour of​ mine who owns a​ very impressive camper van which is​ why I have decided to​ write this article,​ his name is​ John. John and his wife decided to​ sell their big house when they were in​ their late fifties and move to​ a​ smaller flat. This flat was then going to​ be their base in​ the​ UK to​ return to​ when they were not travelling. They had a​ lot of​ excess money from selling their old house and buying the​ new flat and decided to​ spend part of​ this money on​ a​ very good quality camper van. the​ plan was then to​ travel around different parts of​ the​ UK as​ well as​ visiting other countries in​ the​ world.

John and his wife have two wonderful dogs which they adore. They have never enjoyed leaving these dogs with friends or​ in​ kennels when they have been travelling in​ the​ past and now they do not have to,​ as​ there is​ plenty of​ room of​ course in​ the​ camper van.

When talking with John I asked him where he was planning to​ travel to​ next. He replied that he was going to​ drive down to​ the​ South West Coast of​ England. He would tour through parts of​ Devon and Cornwall stopping for a​ few days in​ different areas. I asked him what day he would be returning,​ he stated that he was not sure and that it​ would depend on​ the​ weather. Maybe one week or​ four,​ I am not sure yet Steve,​ he said. I could not believe his attitude and his lifestyle,​ I have to​ say I was very jealous. What freedom,​ I thought to​ myself.

John then stated that next month he was going to​ travel to​ Portugal but that there was no rush to​ get there. I wish I had started to​ do this years ago,​ but what with work it​ was impossible really,​ he continued.

I also have a​ dog and would love to​ have this form of​ travel freedom. I have spoken to​ my wife about it​ and she has said that she would prefer to​ stop in​ a​ hotel. Oh well,​ I have years before I retire to​ try to​ work her around to​ my way of​ thinking.
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