The Collectors Travel Alarm Clocks

Collecting travel alarm clocks can fill your shelf with the​ latest and trendiest models from tried and tested clock makers. Read on​ to​ find out about the​ latest models of​ travel alarm clocks. What’s more,​ these are favorite gift items for the​ people who matter.

Different Alarms and Alerts

There are different travel alarm clocks that suit everybody’s lifestyle. if​ you​ are one of​ those who depend on​ the​ incessant ringing and buzzing of​ these devices just to​ get out of​ bed,​ you’ll have to​ take one with you​ on​ those out of​ town or​ country jaunts.

If you​ have your own travel alarm clock,​ you​ will not require wake up calls to​ get you​ out of​ bed in​ time for your early morning flight to​ your next tourist or​ business destination.

An alarm clock is​ also useful for those who are busy with work and who need time alerts for that coffee break or​ a​ chat with a​ co-worker at​ the​ water cooler down the​ hall. This convenience is​ all yours with those desktop alarms.

Those $20 and Under Travel Alarm Clocks

Starting a​ collection of​ these clocks is​ not expensive. Begin with the​ Pop Open Clam,​ which has a​ shiny silver finish metal,​ a​ luminous dial,​ and an​ attached compact travel case. Flip it​ open and set it​ on​ the​ bedside table and you’re ready to​ call it​ a​ day. the​ 25/8"X7/8"X4" widget is​ easy on​ the​ baggage and won’t cost you​ extra.

Another must-have to​ add to​ your collection is​ the​ Night Crawler (aptly named) in​ silver and blue editions. This Seth Thomas clock opens hydraulically with the​ slightest touch of​ a​ finger. it​ has a​ calendar and temperature display,​ plus a​ light with four-second delay. This compact item measures 2 1/2"X3 1/2" X3 1/4".

The Smart Lite Travel Alarm Clock has back light stays and batteries that will sustain for over 6 months. This will jolt you​ out of​ bed with its ascending alarm when it​ reaches its top note. Although this is​ not engravable,​ you​ still have the​ nightlight and flashlight features to​ make up for this.

The $25 and $100 Plus Collectables

For the​ traveler who can’t do away with his calculator,​ the​ E-Z Blue World Time Travel companion should is​ the​ right choice. it​ comes with a​ stitched snap lock black case. Pack it​ and go.

The smart looking Global Sync Atomic travel alarm clock fits in​ anywhere with its silver matte finish. This has a​ twist and turn base which is​ unique to​ the​ design. This radio controlled clock can receive signals from Western Europe,​ Japan,​ USA,​ and the​ UK. it​ has a​ month,​ day,​ and date display you​ can’t do without when you’re on​ tour.

If you​ want bright colors,​ the​ Victorinox Swiss Army collection has the​ blue and red models. These Swiss-made gadgets have precision quartz movement and translucent synthetic case with face cover,​ which also double as​ stands. the​ tritium hands and hour markers make it​ easy for you​ to​ identify the​ time.

The granddaddy of​ your travel alarm clocks collection will be the​ Mondaine official Swiss Railways Travel Alarm Clock – a​ brushed stainless steel clock that can sit comfortable on​ a​ beside table or​ night stand.

With an​ assortment of​ travel alarm clocks,​ you​ might use some of​ them for gift items for your buddies and even your son’s groomsman. Your wife may want some of​ those clocks for herself too. Better beef up your loot and have ready giveaways at​ hand.
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