The Business Of Slow Travel

Slow down for your business travel?? is​ there really such a​ thing as​ Slow Travel for business? or​ are business people being targeted with make-believe "Slow Travel" business trip scenarios?

Now that is​ a​ serious question.

Is there a​ straight answer? Probably not. Simply because the​ answer is​ going to​ be a​ little of​ both. Yes and no.

Unfortunately we do live in​ a​ world where not all of​ the​ people possess hearts full of​ joy and compassion for their fellow man. We do live in​ the​ real world,​ and yes there are charlatans that walk amongst us.

But their business,​ is​ none of​ our business. Our business is​ to​ try and make our business trip one we can consider "Slow".

A real,​ SLOW business adventure.

Because,​ hold on​ to​ your hats boys and girls...... Yes indeed,​ Virginia there is​ a​ Santa Claus. the​ mythical is​ not so mythical. By that I mean there is​ such a​ thing as​ "Slow Business" travel. :-)

Depending upon your schedule (shockingly,​ slow business travelers will likely still have a​ schedule),​ your trip can be whatever you​ make of​ it​ even if​ you​ are on​ a​ fairly strict time constraint. Because Slow Travel is​ not always about the​ time itself. Often it's about how the​ time is​ spent. in​ fact,​ in​ my opinion much of​ the​ slow methodology is​ not so much time oriented in​ so far as​ tossing your watch into a​ river. to​ me it's focus targets the​ quality of​ a​ given period of​ time and my recognition thereof.

Whether it's 10 minutes,​ 10 hours,​ 10 days,​ or​ 10 weeks. Maximizing the​ quality of​ that time in​ your life is​ of​ the​ utmost importance. When I first began learning about What "Slow" was all about from Geir Berthelsen (founder of​ the​ World Institute of​ Slowness- ),​ it​ quickly became apparent to​ me that it​ had almost nothing to​ do with the​ time itself.

It's real value lies within my own personal happiness gained from the​ appropriate use of​ that same time.

In other words,​ an​ appreciation for what ever time frame you​ have allotted to​ you. Giving us the​ ability to​ truly utilize Slow Travel in​ the​ business world too. Because let's face it,​ there's not a​ business trip that any of​ us have been on​ where we couldn't take one single minute to​ stop and smell the​ roses. Not one conference where we could have gone out in​ our lunch on​ the​ grass,​ listening to​ the​ birds in​ the​ trees,​ instead of​ working the​ crowd in​ a​ lunch room.

The same holds true in​ traveling to​ our business destinations. on​ any given business trip,​ with a​ little thought,​ we could certainly be a​ little more creative a​ lot more fun planning how we're going to​ get there. There's no reason why instead of​ the​ subway we couldn't take a​ ferry or​ a​ boat if​ there happens to​ be water between us and our business destination. There's no reason why we couldn't take a​ train with a​ sleeping car the​ night before the​ big conference,​ instead of​ taking the​ 2 a.m. redye and showing up looking like we were mugged someone along the​ way.

Yes Slow Travel ( ) is​ about time. But it's not about the​ quantity of​ time. Rather,​ it's about your consciousness of​ its value and a​ specific effort to​ use it​ to​ the​ best of​ your ability,​ making it​ pleasant,​ calm,​ serene,​ and pleasurable. you​ can spend that exact same time racing,​ panting and stressing. Or,​ you​ can spend the​ moments making your life just a​ little better than it​ was before.

All on​ the​ company dime. SLOW is​ SWEET.

Learn more,​ visit,​ or​ today. the​ true pioneers of​ the​ slow movement and the​ driving force behind the​ furtherance and education regarding a​ SLOW lifestyle overall.
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