The Benefits Of Traveling Off Peak

The European Environment Information and Observation Network (EIONET) defines traveling off-peak as​ "traveling outside rush-hours to​ avoid overcrowding in​ public means of​ transport." This sounds all too simple and as​ we might expect - easier said than done.

For both air and car travel,​ avoid the​ crowds by traveling during the​ week,​ especially from Tuesday through Thursday. an​ added bonus is​ that airfares for travel Tuesday through Thursday are usually cheaper.

Mid-morning and late afternoon flights tend to​ be less crowded,​ plus you​ can really avoid commute traffic during this time. This site also offers the​ load on​ late-night flights (also known as​ red-eye flights for obvious reasons): these flights can help you​ avoid traffic but it's only effective if​ you​ can sleep sitting up-right on​ a​ plane!

And did you​ know that traveling off-peak means traveling during holidays (not before or​ after) when airfares are lower and there's less road traffic?

Some of​ the​ most affordable travel deals of​ the​ year can be found in​ the​ fall. if​ you​ find super off-peak dates that fall between major holidays,​ strike while the​ iron is​ hot. Book immediately with your discount travel broker. Never hesitate!

One great example of​ saving money by traveling off-peak is​ flying to​ the​ Caribbean during the​ North American winter months rather than during summer. you​ might say what's the​ point in​ going to​ the​ Caribbean in​ winter when you're going there to​ savor the​ beaches? But the​ fact is,​ there is​ hardly such a​ thing as​ winter in​ the​ Caribbean as​ it​ stays warm most of​ the​ year. in​ fact,​ it's not a​ good idea to​ fly there during the​ peak season (I.e.,​ summer months) as​ this is​ the​ period when the​ hurricanes usually come.

By traveling off-peak,​ not only will you​ get cheaper flights and accommodations. you​ will also gain a​ difference perspective on​ travel - especially the​ added advantage of​ enjoying your dream destinations without huddling with the​ masses of​ tourists during holidays.

It also helps to​ subscribe to​ online newsletters of​ discount air travel brokers such as​ Jestgo or​ WesJet. By having yourself included in​ these companies' mailing list,​ you​ can get your hands on​ off-peak travel promotions faster than those who didn't. So you​ see,​ it's not just the​ air miles!

Finally,​ book your flight early to​ secure the​ most gains from traveling off-peak. One year's planning can certainly help you​ reap the​ reward of​ the​ cheapest airfares possible! on​ the​ other hand,​ booking last minute can also have its rewards. if​ you're the​ kind who can leave at​ a​ moment's notice,​ you​ can save a​ lot from last-minute flights and accommodations. After all,​ airlines and hotels would rather greatly discount their seats and rooms than leave them empty!
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