The Bahamas A Pirate Fans Perfect Travel Destination

The Bahamas is​ a​ magical string of​ 700 islands in​ the​ middle of​ the​ Caribbean that has been a​ popular tourist destination for decades,​ says AMT American Express Travel. the​ Bahamas is​ a​ world-renowned travel destination with a​ rich history. in​ 1492,​ Christopher Columbus made his first landfall on​ the​ island of​ San Salvador in​ the​ eastern Bahamas. Columbus commented on​ the​ shallow water of​ the​ sea surrounding the​ islands,​ calling the​ water "baja mar". it​ is​ from these words that the​ name “Bahama” came. Since the​ Bahamas islands are located close to​ Florida they caught the​ attention of​ explorers,​ settlers,​ invaders and traders.

Pirate History in​ the​ Bahamas

One of​ the​ most interesting things about the​ Bahamas is​ its history with pirates. Black Beard,​ Calico Jack and Captain Henry Morgan himself were known visitors to​ the​ Bahamian islands. 1680 to​ 1730 was the​ golden age for Bahamian pirates. These islands made an​ ideal home base for pirates because of​ the​ numerous islands and islets. These were great places to​ hide their renegade ships and stolen treasure. the​ islands were also close to​ well-traveled trading routes,​ creating the​ perfect opportunity to​ plunder merchant ships.

The battles fought between pirates,​ merchants and other authorities often caused may casualties,​ especially ships. These ships often sank off the​ coast of​ the​ Bahamas,​ laden with gold,​ silver,​ and other antiquities. Spanish galleons were easy prey for pirates. These ships carried stolen riches from the​ native peoples of​ South and Central America. Pirates would hide this treasure in​ the​ numerous limestone caves dotting the​ Bahamas or​ bury it​ somewhere on​ the​ miles of​ beaches.

Rumors of​ treasure still hidden in​ the​ Bahamas exist today. Pirate William Catt is​ supposed to​ have buried loot on​ his namesake,​ Cat Island. Sir Henry Morgan,​ who preferred the​ island of​ Andros,​ is​ said to​ have buried treasure throughout the​ many islands. Where rumors may be false,​ the​ Bahamas certainly offers a​ mystique that encourages its visitors to​ indulge in​ opportunities for adventure and seclusion. American Express Vacations is​ beginning to​ offer special tours for travelers interested in​ highlighting famous pirate sites all over the​ islands of​ the​ Bahamas.

Modern Day Fun,​ Rest and Relaxation

The Bahamas of​ today is​ still full of​ adventure and excitement. the​ islands of​ the​ Bahamas are some of​ the​ most popular locations for travelers in​ the​ world. a​ big draw to​ most Caribbean tourists,​ the​ Bahamas cater to​ travelers on​ a​ moderate to​ high-end budget. American Express Travel offers a​ number of​ moderate and high-end accommodations that give the​ best value for your money. There are no accommodations such as​ hostels because the​ focus of​ the​ island is​ a​ luxury experience. But travel to​ the​ Bahamas is​ on​ most world traveler’s to​ see list.
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