The Art Of Spanish Travel

If you​ have a​ desire to​ see some of​ the​ best art in​ Spain,​ look no further than the​ MuSEO Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia on​ Calle Santa Isabel 52. Among the​ masterpieces hanging on​ the​ walls are works from Solana,​ Miro and Picasso.

One of​ the​ most famed pieces of​ the​ hundreds of​ works hanging on​ the​ walls of​ the​ Queen Sofia is​ Picasso’s Guernica. That joined with the​ other works have ranked this museum’s modern art collection as​ one of​ the​ most important not just in​ Spain,​ but in​ all off Europe.

When one thinks of​ modern art,​ they also usually think of​ that art being housed in​ a​ very modern gallery. This is​ not the​ case with the​ Queen Sofia. the​ building was constructed in​ the​ 18th century. It’s life was to​ end in​ the​ 1970’s,​ with a​ date to​ be demolished,​ but it​ was then declared a​ historic monument and preserved,​ then turned into a​ museum.

Not only is​ the​ building a​ place to​ view great works,​ it​ also offers a​ great view of​ the​ city. the​ building has transparent framed elevators that you​ will travel on​ as​ you​ go to​ the​ gallery. From the​ elevator,​ you​ can get a​ fabulous view of​ Madrid.

Once you​ step out of​ the​ elevator,​ your art experience is​ underway. First,​ you​ will encounter a​ selection of​ Solana artworks including the​ Circle of​ the​ Cafe Pombo,​ the​ Meeting of​ the​ Pharmacy,​ and the​ Chorus Girls. While these are more modern of​ pieces,​ the​ collection runs the​ range from the​ late 19th century to​ modern day works.

There is​ an​ ample collection of​ Miro in​ the​ museum,​ which is​ a​ very popular attraction with the​ crowds who come in. the​ collection includes Escargot,​ Femme,​ Man With a​ Pipe,​ Fleur,​ and Femme et Oiseau Dans La Nuit (Woman and Bird in​ the​ Night). These works were painted in​ the​ 20s and 30s in​ Barcelona.

Another very popular series of​ works in​ the​ museum are those of​ Dali. Included at​ the​ Queen Sophia are By the​ Light of​ the​ Moon from 1927,​ the​ 1945 portrait Galarina,​ and his 1951 and 1955 Crucifixion paintings.

Of course,​ many are drawn to​ the​ several Picasso pieces housed in​ the​ museum. They may not be what many would expect from a​ Picasso assortment. Included in​ this collection is​ his 1896 First Communion ,​ which has a​ young Picasso painting in​ a​ very academic style. in​ addition,​ the​ 1901 Woman in​ Blue also shows some of​ his younger work.

You begin to​ see Picasso’s cubist style in​ the​ 1907 Las Señoritas de Avignon . Eye catching is​ the​ 1937 Guernica painting,​ which displays Picasso’s impression of​ a​ bombing of​ this town.

The Queen Sophia collection is​ not limited to​ paintings. the​ collection also includes over 46,​000 square yards of​ exhibition area which houses a​ number of​ pieces of​ porcelain,​ glass,​ pottery and other works of​ art. in​ addition,​ there is​ a​ library for studies and research into artworks,​ as​ well as​ a​ cafeteria once you​ work up an​ appetite from your travel through the​ vast halls.
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