Ten Pound International Travel

International travel with only carry-on? it​ makes life on​ the​ road so much easier.

The most recent time my wife and I went to​ Ecuador,​ I had 10 pounds of​ luggage,​ in​ one carry-on bag. Ana had 8 pounds in​ her carry-on bag. We spent six weeks in​ Ecuador,​ at​ times on​ glacier-covered mountains,​ and at​ other times lounging on​ Pacific coast beaches.

Why travel so light? Simplicity. Since we had only carry-on luggage,​ we were in​ a​ restaurant in​ Quito,​ while others still waited for their checked luggage. When we were on​ busses,​ our luggage was safely with us,​ not in​ the​ hold below being cut open,​ as​ happened to​ me years ago when I was in​ Mexico.

Other travelers struggled to​ their hotels carrying three heavy bags. Meanwhile we were walking along comfortably with our day packs. With less to​ lose,​ less to​ be stolen,​ less to​ wait for,​ and less to​ pack and unpack in​ hotels,​ we had less to​ worry about.

My International Travel Packing List - Six Seeks in​ Ecuador

* 8 pairs thin nylon socks (an ounce per pair)
* 2 silk dress shirts (3 ounces each)
* 4 poly/cotton blend t-shirts (5-6 ounces each)
* 5 pair of​ light underwear (2-3 ounces each)
* 1 extra pair of​ lightweight slacks (9 ounces)
* Waterproof/breathable rain suit (14 ounces for the​ set)
* Light plastic camera (3 ounces)
* Sunglasses (1 ounce)
* Small chess set (3 ounces)
* Bathroom kit (5 ounces)
* Single layer nylon shorts for hiking or​ swimming (2 ounces)
* Thin gloves (1 ounce)
* Thin hat (1 ounce - honestly)
* Thin wool sweater (11 ounces)
* Maps,​ notebook and various small things (3 or​ 4 pounds)

My pack weight? Ten pounds. Anas: 8 pounds. We really never felt deprived. of​ course,​ you​ don't have to​ start counting ounces (that comes from my backpacking days). What you​ do have to​ do,​ is​ reconsider how many things you​ really need to​ bring on​ a​ trip. Leave behind things you​ never end up using,​ and remember that you​ can buy things as​ you​ go too.

You also don't necessarily have to​ buy new clothes,​ or​ buy a​ scale and count ounces. Simply choose lighter alternatives whenever you​ can. Put aside your lightest jacket,​ pants,​ shirts and socks for your next trip. the​ goal,​ after all,​ is​ simplicity,​ not complicated planning.

Most important is​ to​ think about what you​ really need to​ have a​ good time,​ and try to​ limit your packing to​ those things. Money is​ the​ first thing that comes to​ mind,​ and it​ doesn't weigh much. as​ for the​ other things? International travel is​ about getting away from home ,​ so why try to​ carry it​ with you?
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