Technology For Travelers

Technology For Travelers
If you’re a​ tech head like me then choosing the​ right bits if​ kit to​ take with you​ traveling is​ a​ very important decision .​
I​ like to​ be wired into the​ world and well entertained when I​ am sitting on​ a​ 12 hour train ride or​ some hotel room on​ a​ stopover – it​ makes the​ time pass much faster and I​ can actually get some stuff done .​
But what should you​ consider packing for your trek and how can you​ possibly fit it​ all in?
As with any type of​ packing for travel,​ selecting which pieces of​ technology to​ take with you​ should be determined by weight,​ size and utility .​
Less is​ more! That means taking the​ smallest and lightest of​ everything you​ need .​
If you​ want some computing power on​ your travels,​ then a​ laptop would be the​ obvious choice .​
But do you​ need all the​ computing power that a​ laptop can give you​ or​ could you​ escape with just using a​ tablet or​ a​ PDA? When you​ are lugging around 6 pounds of​ laptop for miles and miles,​ the​ thought of​ a​ nice little 200 gram PDA become mighty attractive .​
If word processing the​ main reason for taking a​ computer then consider a​ PDA with a​ fold out keyboard .​
You will be thankful for the​ weight and space it​ saves .​
Alternatively some tablets are more powerful than many laptops and offer the​ same software options so that might be one other consideration .​
Your camera is​ another consideration .​
Do you​ need the​ 35mm SLR with 4 spare lenses? Unless you​ are going somewhere that justifies the​ weight of​ that,​ then you​ might be better off with any of​ the​ myriad of​ small digital cameras available on​ the​ market .​
Many of​ the​ newer models are up around the​ 6 megapixel and above mark meaning the​ quality of​ shots is​ getting very good.
If you​ desperately need music,​ then consider any type of​ MP3 player that can double as​ a​ digital photo storage device .​
iPods are a​ good choice and nice and light and the​ fact that you​ can store any data such as​ digital photos on​ them means you​ can cut down on​ packing other storage devices.
One of​ the​ big things that you​ are really going to​ need for all of​ your gadgets is​ insurance .​
Aside from the​ fact that a​ person with a​ lot of​ gadgets has a​ lot more to​ lose when they get robbed,​ stuff also gets knocked around a​ lot when you​ travel .​
Make sure you​ get insurance that covers you​ for the​ cost of​ a​ new replacement of​ anything that is​ lost,​ damaged or​ stolen.
A few minor considerations at​ the​ time of​ purchase can save a​ traveler a​ lot of​ heartache with gadgets .​
If you​ can describe your gear as​ small,​ light,​ useful and insured then you​ should have a​ pleasant trip!
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