Teacher Pets

Teacher Pets
People tend to​ form judgements based on​ appearance before they get to​ know you​ .​
If you’ve ever applied for a​ job,​ or​ have been on​ the​ receiving end,​ you​ know about first impressions .​
Unfortunately,​ this can happen at​ school too .​
Although teachers work hard to​ not have a​ favorite,​ it​ happens .​
How can you​ help your child when they are not the​ teacher’s pet?
I have three daughters with very different personalities .​
My oldest is​ very quiet and shy,​ and is​ a​ hard working student .​
My second oldest is​ the​ social butterfly and often gets in​ trouble for talking too much .​
My youngest likes to​ talk your ear off .​
She wants to​ point out all the​ obvious things that are happening around you​ .​

When your child isn’t the​ teacher’s favorite,​ but complains about the​ kids that are on​ this list,​ don’t let it​ upset you​ .​
First,​ talk to​ your child and find out where their information is​ coming from .​
It might be something they have noticed in​ class .​
They might have overheard some other kids talking about it.
Explain to​ your child that everyone has different personalities,​ and some people get along easier with others .​
Just because you​ see a​ child laughing with the​ teacher doesn’t mean that this child is​ the​ teacher’s favorite .​
And if​ the​ teacher calls on​ the​ same students to​ help all the​ time,​ it​ might just be because he or​ she knows that the​ student is​ willing to​ help.
If your child wants to​ interact more with the​ teacher,​ encourage them .​
If they are shy and not usually outgoing,​ give them ideas of​ things they can talk to​ their teacher about .​
Explain that it​ isn’t important to​ be popular but getting along better with their teacher is​ a​ good goal.
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