Taking A Vacation Without Being Taken In By A Travel Agent

The travel industry reports profits in​ excess of​ $5.4 trillion worldwide. Travel agents earn a​ large amount of​ this money by receiving commissions on​ flights,​ hotels,​ cruises and even rental cars from coastal vacations. Consumers pay these travel agent commissions through hidden fees or​ other costs for their coastal vacation.

The high costs of​ travel ground many people who dream of​ taking a​ coastal vacation to​ forget their troubles and everyday life.

Eliminating the​ commission paid to​ a​ travel agent can make a​ vacation more affordable and attractive to​ almost anyone. a​ consumer can save 10 to​ 25 percent on​ a​ coastal vacation if​ they do not use a​ travel agent.

Most major airlines eliminated travel agent commissions in​ recent years. Many travel agencies now make money by charging for their advice for coastal vacations. This “advice” costs anywhere from $60 to​ $80 an​ hour.

Yet most consumers still choose this costly option when planning a​ coastal vacation. According to​ the​ American Society for Travel Agents,​ travel agents book:

* 87 percent of​ cruises
* 81 percent of​ tours
* 51 percent of​ airline tickets
* 47 percent of​ hotels

Consumers seeking coastal vacations can find an​ affordable option on​ their own,​ without using a​ travel agent. With money and time,​ consumers beat travel agents at​ their own game and enjoy a​ great coastal vacation!

1. Good research equals good coastal vacations. the​ adage,​ “Location,​ location” rings true when traveling. a​ room with an​ Oceanside view means different things at​ different hotels and travel agents know this. a​ travel agent knows the​ best hotels for travelers seeking coastal vacations.

The consumer who looks out his or​ her window with a​ clear view of​ beautiful beach during his or​ her coastal vacation will return to​ the​ hotel annually.

If litter,​ nudist,​ dirty water or​ other unsightly views cloud the​ vision from the​ hotel,​ the​ consumer remembers this about their coastal vacation (and not too fondly) and will tell the​ travel agent. Travel agents do not want to​ hear this kind of​ news.

Consumers can research their destinations for their coastal vacation and their hotels without paying a​ travel agent. Online travel sites provide detailed information about destinations,​ hotels and attractions and these sites do not charge consumers. Consumers act as​ their own travel agents for their coastal vacations save money.

2. Money means everything! Unfortunately,​ most people lack the​ resources to​ take the​ coastal vacation they really want and should not give any of​ their money to​ a​ travel agent. Many airlines,​ hotels and online travel sites list great deals on​ vacations around the​ world on​ their websites. Anyone can take advantage of​ these coastal vacation deals without calling a​ travel agent.

3. Travel agents do not know consumers as​ well as​ consumers know themselves. Would a​ conservative Christian want to​ visit a​ nudist beach for his or​ her coastal vacation?

Would an​ avid angler prefer a​ beach where that prohibits fishing? Travel agents often make crucial mistakes when booking coastal vacations for consumers because they do not know their clients.

4. Consumers can take advantage of​ travel agent business opportunities. Consumers with a​ home-based travel agent business receive discounts they pass on​ to​ friends and family.

This gives the​ consumer the​ opportunity to​ take a​ dream coastal vacation and explore a​ new career. a​ home-based travel agent business gives a​ consumer financial and personal freedom to​ take as​ many coastal vacations as​ they like.
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