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Known as​ the​ land of​ Vikings,​ Sweden is​ actually an​ odd mix of​ cosmopolitan cities and vast stretches of​ wide-open spaces. For budget travelers,​ Sweden is​ a​ bit expensive.


An incredibly beautiful city in​ the​ summer,​ Stockholm is​ the​ Venice of​ Northern Europe. Like Venice,​ Stockholm is​ built on​ the​ water with canals and waterways criss crossing the​ city. Instead of​ marshland,​ Stockholm is​ actually a​ collection of​ dozens if​ not hundreds of​ little islands.

Despite the​ beauty,​ Stockholm can seem a​ bet sterile for a​ big city. Large parts of​ the​ city seem to​ be devoted completely to​ either providing working spaces or​ residences. With a​ little digging,​ however,​ you’ll find the​ city has much to​ offer.

To get a​ taste of​ the​ real Stockholm,​ throw away your travel guide and head to​ the​ Sodermalm area. Sodermalm predates the​ modern areas of​ the​ city and provides a​ glimpse into the​ past. in​ the​ neighborhood,​ you’ll find authentic old pubs,​ hole in​ the​ wall shops selling all manner of​ strange things and artist enclaves. During the​ summer,​ Sodermalm has plenty of​ outdoor cafes and a​ friendly feel.


If naval history is​ your thing,​ Karlskrona gives even St. Petersburg a​ run for the​ money. the​ entire city has been designated a​ historical site and is​ rife with the​ naval history of​ Sweden. Attractions include naval museums,​ submarines and a​ variety of​ ships from differing eras.

While naval history dominates Karlskrona,​ the​ city has much more to​ offer in​ atmosphere. the​ older sections of​ the​ city have a​ heavy baroque style whether for architecture,​ streets or​ epic park areas. There isn’t anything particular to​ point out,​ but it​ is​ a​ good city to​ relax in​ during the​ summer. if​ you​ need a​ couple of​ days off from racing around Europe,​ Karlskrona is​ a​ good place to​ recharge.

Like all of​ the​ Nordic countries,​ Sweden is​ visually stunning during the​ summer. While the​ long days give you​ plenty of​ opportunity to​ roam,​ high prices can put a​ crimp in​ the​ ol’ travel budget.
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