Student Travel Backpacking In Europe

For the​ fortunate few,​ life isn’t complete without a​ backpacking trip through Europe. This right of​ passage is​ believed to​ further the​ maturation process of​ college students,​ according to​ sociologists. of​ course,​ others have opined that copious amounts of​ alcohol,​ sun and Amsterdam have something to​ do with it. Regardless of​ your purpose,​ you​ still have to​ figure out what to​ take.

Backpack – Getting in​ Touch With Your Inner Mule

Obviously,​ the​ first critical item is​ your backpack. While one doesn’t need to​ buy the​ $10,​000 Himalaya Turbo Pack,​ you​ should also avoid the​ $12 blue light special. So,​ how do you​ pick a​ happy middle ground?

The best method for picking a​ backpack involves three phone books. Select/swipe/borrow three yellow page books from neighbors/friends/enemies and hit your local sporting goods store. With the​ books,​ head to​ the​ backpackapalozza section of​ the​ store and pick out a​ few sturdy/cool/outrageous rigs. Stuff the​ phone books in,​ adjust the​ straps and go for a​ walk. Now break out into a​ run to​ simulate future dashes for trains/ ferries/ toilets and make the​ sales people nervous. These steps should quickly reveal the​ perfect pack.

Now,​ you​ may have read other publications suggesting highly technical ways to​ select a​ backpack. Trust me,​ until you​ have run for the​ last ferry from Italy to​ Greece,​ you​ have no idea how to​ pick a​ pack. the​ three phone book test solves this nicely.

What to​ Take

There are a​ few mantras that every person should chant before packing for Europe. These chants were developed originally by the​ little known,​ Oh-My-Back Monks of​ Southeast Asia. the​ “OMB” Monks were known for traveling half way to​ far off cities,​ turning around,​ returning home and then traveling the​ full way to​ said cities. Religious experts opined as​ to​ the​ deep metaphysical meaning of​ such trips. They were later embarrassed when the​ monks revealed the​ back and forth nature of​ the​ trips was due to​ forgetting something,​ often whether they had turned off the​ iron. Nonetheless,​ such chants have become the​ guiding light of​ experienced backpackers.

Let us slowly and clearly chant together,​

“I will pack only that which will not result in​ me being hunched over like a​ Sherpa.”

“Remember,​ I can pick it​ [(lower voice) toothpaste,​ book,​ soap] up over there.”

“I will not stuff thy pack to​ the​ point of​ bursting,​ for thy damn zippers always break/get snagged/refuse to​ work.”

“I will learn humility through wearing incredibly wrinkled clothes and shall not bring an​ iron.”

“I shall bring only one guide book,​ not one for each country that I MIGHT see.”

“I accept that I will come home wearing something I didn’t take and will have lost/traded/burned much of​ what I did take.”

For female travelers and,​ okay,​ the​ occasional male,​

“I will not bring high heels or​ a​ gaggle of​ make-up.”

Admittedly,​ chanting these mantras will not bringing you​ immediate enlightenment. Fret,​ not. you​ can always throw items away or​ send them home in​ a​ box to​ your parents/friends/parole officer. For the​ resourceful backpacker,​ it​ is​ not unheard of​ to​ send particularly smelly/discolored/toxic clothing to​ an​ ex-girlfriend/ex-boyfriend/little brother. Follow these practical guidelines and you​ will soon happily be speaking in​ a​ loud voice to​ make foreigners understand you.

The Evidence

This is​ the​ hard part for most travelers to​ wrap their minds around. you​ will forget those special moments of​ your trip when you​ met the​ hunk Sven or​ babe Svenetta from Sweden and had a​ romantic evening/danced the​ night away/got arrested in​ Ios/Ibiza/the airport. Maybe not immediately,​ but you​ will eventually forget.

You will also forget or​ lose the​ contact information of​ people you​ meet,​ despite meticulously writing it​ down on​ the​ back of​ a​ coaster/napkin/your hand in​ a​ bar/poetry reading/jail at​ three in​ the​ morning. Surprisingly,​ said coaster/napkin/hand often survive the​ night/day/weekend and get deposited in​ your already trashed backpack. of​ course,​ their presence is​ often forgotten when you​ later put a​ Oktoberfest mug/wet towel/toothbrush in. the​ extra padding at​ the​ bottom of​ your pack is​ specifically designed to​ deal with the​ decomposing result. Still,​ the​ information is​ gone and so is​ your future with Sven/Svenetta.

To properly record the​ magical moments of​ your trip,​ you​ must take a​ diary or​ journal. Don’t worry,​ you​ can burn it​ later before you​ get married/your parents get nosey/you have kids. you​ want a​ journal in​ a​ water/beer/sweat resistant case. of​ course,​ I prefer a​ Nomad Travel Journal,​ but just make sure you​ take something. When you​ have some extra time in​ the​ bus/train/jail cell,​ you​ can record how you​ got there and the​ people you​ met.

Trust me,​ when you,​ Sven/Svenetta and your nine children are sitting on​ the​ porch,​ you​ will greatly enjoy reading your journal.

Of course,​ that assumes you​ didn’t burn it.
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