State Parks Offer Intriguing Options For Travelers

State Parks offer Intriguing Options for Travelers
There are many things to​ do while visiting Seattle Washington that are either free or​ inexpensive .​
Many of​ the​ free things to​ do in​ and around Seattle are outdoor activities .​
Because of​ the​ incredible views and magnificent scenery in​ and around the​ area it​ makes perfect sense that several of​ these would be visiting the​ many state parks in​ the​ area.
Keep in​ mind that not all state parks are free to​ visit but below you​ will find information on​ some that are .​
If you​ are a​ lover of​ nature and the​ outdoors then this should really get your blood pumping .​
Remember to​ bring along all the​ fun equipment that makes the​ outdoors fun .​
First of​ all there is​ Deception Pass State Park .​
This park has salt water,​ fresh water,​ camping,​ hiking,​ boating,​ spectacular views,​ and a​ few areas with playground equipment for the​ little ones .​
There are many activities available and appropriate for the​ island: hiking,​ horseback riding,​ boating,​ fishing,​ swimming,​ white water kayaking,​ diving,​ clamming,​ crabbing,​ bird watching,​ mountain biking,​ and simply viewing the​ wonderful scenery that nature provided .​
Next,​ there is​ Fort Worden State Park .​
Fort Worden was originally used to​ guard the​ entry into Puget Sound .​
Fort Warden became a​ state park in​ 1955 and remains a​ popular park and convention center .​
Convention and camping facilities are opened on​ the​ park year round and there is​ plenty to​ do to​ keep guests busy,​ happy,​ and entertained .​
In addition to​ the​ traditional hiking,​ biking,​ diving,​ water skiing,​ swimming,​ boating,​ and animal watching,​ Fort Worden offers baseball,​ basketball,​ softball,​ and volleyball facilities .​
If that isn't enough there is​ also a​ museum and incredible views that simply invite the​ photographer within to​ come out and play.
Fort Flagler State Park Fort Flagler,​ like Fort Worden originally guarded the​ entryway into the​ Puget Sound .​
Also like Fort Worden,​ Fort Flagler became a​ state park in​ 1955 .​
Fort Flagler still has some of​ the​ original military structures that tell the​ proud history of​ this island .​
It is​ also surrounded on​ three sides by salt water .​
While there are many similarities between Fort Worden and Fort Flagler,​ the​ latter is​ only open for campers for part of​ the​ year .​
Day visitors are allowed year round,​ however .​
It is​ the​ stunning view of​ the​ Sound and the​ surrounding mountains,​ however that makes this park so spectacular .​
I​ hope you​ have the​ chance to​ visit .​
Finally,​ there is​ Lime Kiln Point State Park .​
This park is​ a​ 36-acre park that is​ only for day use .​
the​ park is​ located on​ the​ western side of​ San Juan Island and is​ an​ excellent location from which to​ watch Orca whales from land .​
In addition to​ whale watching you​ can go hiking,​ tour the​ lighthouse,​ and enjoy viewing various other wildlife here as​ well .​
Diving is​ possible here but very dangerous as​ the​ currents are quite strong .​
The lighthouse here still serves as​ a​ navigational aid for ships in​ the​ Haro Strait .​
While this particular park offers less in​ way of​ amenities it​ remains my favorite simply because of​ the​ lighthouse and the​ possibility of​ seeing whales while visiting .​
The months of​ June and July are the​ best for whale watching but any time during the​ months of​ May throughout September,​ whale spotting remains a​ possibility.
While not everyone is​ interested in​ nature or​ experiencing the​ great outdoors,​ state parks such as​ these mentioned above make it​ much more enjoyable-especially when you​ consider the​ fact that there is​ no admission fees for visiting these parks .​
If you​ love the​ outdoors and nature as​ much as​ I​ do then you​ would probably have been more than willing to​ pay for the​ privilege of​ visiting any one if​ not each and every one of​ these parks .​
It is​ my sincerest hope that you​ will find something that is​ fun,​ frivolous,​ and most importantly free to​ do while you​ are on​ vacation .​
You know how the​ saying goes,​ the​ best things in​ life are free.
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