Starting A Cruise Travel Agency

For people who love to​ travel,​ starting a​ travel agency specializing in​ cruises can be very exciting. Earning a​ living by talking about your cruise experiences and helping direct less experienced cruisers to​ the​ right vacation can be very rewarding. Many people are also attracted to​ the​ travel discounts you​ can receive by becoming a​ member of​ the​ International Airline Travel Agency Network (IATAN). Membership is​ available after earning $5,​000 in​ commissions during the​ previous 12 month period.

It takes a​ little while to​ build your business. Great customer service and knowledge of​ the​ business are key ingredients to​ a​ successful career. Cruise lines tend to​ specialize to​ certain types of​ people. Some appeal to​ older crowds,​ others have many activities for children,​ while look for more active cruisers by providing more daytime activities on​ the​ ship or​ nighttime entertainment choices. One of​ the​ best ways to​ gain a​ lot of​ customers quickly is​ to​ sell a​ group trip. Join local groups,​ religious organizations,​ college alumni programs,​ etc.

Cruise lines typically pay commissions of​ 12% - 15% of​ the​ base fare. This excludes charges for port taxes and government fees. Additional money can be made by selling travel insurances where commissions are much higher,​ selling tours while your clients are on​ land and booking airfare and transportation to​ the​ airport or​ port. if​ your clients take travel insurance,​ they will be covered in​ case of​ delays,​ lost luggage or​ sickness,​ which will reduce your chances of​ having an​ unhappy customer.

As with any upstart business,​ you​ need to​ control expenses. a​ cruise travel agency can be operated right out of​ your home with the​ majority of​ work done through the​ telephone or​ internet. Cruise tickets can be sent by messengers to​ your clients. One of​ your more important and higher expenses will be the​ Errors and Omission Insurance Policy. This will protect you​ from mistakes during the​ booking process or​ from errors in​ printed materials or​ advertising.
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