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Positioned on​ the​ largest estuary in​ the​ world,​ the​ great city of​ Baltimore dominates Chesapeake Bay’s commerce,​ tourism and arts. Also known as​ Monument City,​ Baltimore is​ a​ living legacy of​ America’s heritage and historic foundations. Today,​ the​ city is​ thriving with nearly 700,​000 residents and a​ booming industrial seaport. Airfare to​ Baltimore is​ a​ convenient alternative to​ flying into Washington D.C.

Travel to​ Baltimore for the​ most intimate of​ American History,​ including one of​ the​ most famous battles sites against the​ British. During the​ Battle of​ Baltimore in​ 1812,​ the​ British naval fleet found itself in​ a​ stalemate with Baltimore’s Fort McHenry. Without reinforcements available and facing a​ formidable enemy,​ the​ British retreated,​ inspiring Francis Scott Key to​ write “The Star Spangled Banner.” the​ Battle Monument was erected in​ the​ city’s center to​ commemorate this significant victory for the​ United States and you​ can visit the​ grounds of​ historic Fort McHenry today.

Baltimore is​ the​ restingplace of​ the​ U.S.S. Constellation,​ the​ last all-sail battleship built by the​ US Navy and a​ very popular attraction. it​ is​ also the​ last vessel from the​ Civil War era that is​ still afloat. Baltimore was the​ second heaviest traveled port-of-entry for immigrants into the​ United States during the​ nation’s infancy,​ adding to​ the​ incredible diversity in​ cuisine and culture.

More Sights,​ More Sounds,​ Baltimore

Today,​ Baltimore is​ a​ mosaic of​ sophisticated American culture,​ the​ offbeat arts and music scene,​ and riveting professional sporting events. Make sure to​ visit the​ funky strip of​ Baltimore Boulevard known as​ the​ Block. Not for the​ entire family,​ this stretch is​ full of​ sleepless nightclubs,​ burlesque bars,​ quirky restaurants,​ and other forms of​ adult entertainment. For an​ alternative outing for the​ whole family,​ visit the​ Baltimore Streetcar Museum,​ dedicated to​ the​ preservation of​ Baltimore’s transportation history. the​ National Aquarium is​ also located in​ Baltimore on​ the​ seaside Inner Harbor. the​ aquarium offers a​ unique rooftop rainforest,​ an​ intimate dolphin encounter and it​ is​ the​ most popular attraction in​ Maryland.

Baltimore is​ also full of​ dedicated sports fans,​ committed to​ their city’s athletic history and legacy. the​ Babe Ruth Birthplace and Museum celebrates sports legends throughout history in​ its museum,​ Sports Legends at​ Camden Yards. Nearby you​ can see the​ Orioles or​ the​ Ravens play in​ stadiums full of​ diehard fans.

Baltimore and Breakwater

Baltimore’s position on​ the​ shores of​ the​ Chesapeake Bay is​ ideal for sightseeing and dining alike. Spend an​ afternoon on​ top of​ the​ Top of​ the​ World Observation Level & Museum,​ the​ 27th floor of​ the​ World Trade Center on​ the​ bay’s shores,​ and view the​ city’s skyline,​ seascape and familiar sights. Then,​ head down to​ the​ market place in​ the​ Harbor area for some delectable Chesapeake Bay blue crabs,​ prepared any way you​ like,​ and enjoy live jazz in​ the​ evening by the​ shore.

Secure your cheap airfare to​ Baltimore and dive in​ to​ the​ city’s eccentric age-old traditions. You,​ too,​ will soon be drinking National Bohemian and cracking open steamed crabs on​ a​ newspaper covered table while watching your new favorite team play.
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