Spain As A Shopping Travel Destination

It may not be on​ the​ top of​ your list when you​ think of​ shopping travel destinations,​ but Madrid has the​ best of​ Spain to​ offer in​ its shops. if​ you​ are looking for upscale chic shopping experiences,​ there are a​ number of​ exclusive shops available in​ the​ city. if​ more organic shopping is​ your style,​ there are flea market atmospheres or​ a​ number of​ quaint antique shops available for perusing.

The main shopping area in​ Madrid is​ the​ Gran Via. This street is​ full of​ shops that seemingly never close. Even when the​ night life kicks up,​ there is​ still shopping to​ be done in​ this area in​ many of​ the​ stalls around the​ Plaza Mayor. a​ word of​ caution,​ make sure you​ know how to​ bargain. Some of​ these booths are just looking to​ make a​ buck off those in​ the​ tourism market and are selling the​ same tourist junk you​ can buy at​ any airport kiosk. Look around,​ and look for a​ good deal.

If you​ love the​ idea of​ shopping in​ the​ open air visit El Rastro,​ the​ massive outdoor flea market in​ Madrid. in​ addition to​ the​ same touristy things you​ expect to​ find everywhere,​ there are treasures to​ be found including jewelry,​ old books,​ clothes and antiques that need new homes. if​ you​ are in​ the​ area on​ a​ Sunday there is​ also a​ coin and stamp fair nearby.

Check out the​ La Latina Metro Stop. This is​ located between the​ Ronda De Toledo and the​ Plaza de Cascorro and Ronda de Toledo. you​ will know you​ are there when you​ see the​ massive Eloy Gonzalo statue in​ the​ center of​ Cascorro Square.

This place is​ packed on​ the​ weekends,​ as​ it​ is​ a​ travel destination,​ but while the​ crowds are big,​ so are the​ deals to​ be had! There are many,​ many shopping opportunities. There is​ also some shopping potential during the​ week,​ but not nearly as​ lively an​ experience as​ on​ the​ weekend.

Want the​ latest in​ style and fashion? Then you​ want the​ Alcalá area. you​ will be able to​ roam from boutique to​ boutique filled with dresses,​ shoes,​ and all the​ latest accessories. if​ you​ are using the​ metro as​ your transport,​ get off at​ the​ Sol or​ Sevilla.

Another fancy shopping destination is​ Calle Serrano. This street is​ full of​ the​ finest in​ shopping including art,​ gifts and a​ variety of​ designer clothing items. you​ can find a​ precious gift for yourself,​ and don’t forget to​ get something for those back at​ home that were not lucky enough to​ be vacationing in​ Madrid.

The high fashion shopping in​ Madrid is​ not just for women. Both genders of​ the​ tourism market are appreciated where fashion is​ concerned. the​ Calle Princessa,​ which can be accessed by the​ Argüelles and Ventura Rodríguez metro stops,​ is​ lined with a​ number of​ men’s boutiques selling suits,​ accessories and shoes for the​ classiest of​ men.

For a​ quaint shopping experience,​ try the​ Calle Preciados. it​ is​ a​ shopping area that is​ only accessible by walking. to​ get there,​ take the​ Metro to​ Sol.

Finally get a​ real feel of​ Spain at​ the​ Mercado de San Miguel. This was once just a​ fish market,​ but now it​ offers a​ wide variety of​ foods,​ fresh fruits and vegetables,​ and other delectable items to​ experience.
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