Smells Associated With Air Travel

A person that has never boarded an​ airline flight might be surprised by the​ number of​ smells associated with air travel. They will become keenly aware of​ these smells when they enter the​ airline terminal and wonder why there are such an​ abundant number of​ them in​ one place. if​ the​ traveler had considered how many people come through an​ airport in​ a​ days time,​ they might gain some understanding about why there are strange odors in​ every place that they go.

Most travelers choose to​ unload luggage at​ the​ front of​ the​ airport before they attempt to​ find parking. There are a​ significant number of​ smells that are emitted from car exhaust fumes and these smells will usually be from diesel engines or​ those that use gasoline. No traveler has entered an​ airport terminal without being exposed to​ these exhausts emissions and its no wonder why some are lightheaded throughout a​ airline flight.

When they enter the​ terminal and approach an​ airline counter to​ check in​ for a​ flight,​ a​ traveler might get a​ whiff of​ liquor and coffee at​ the​ same time. in​ many airport terminals there is​ certain to​ be quite a​ few smells that are emitted from the​ various restaurants and it​ will depend on​ the​ time of​ the​ day which smells are the​ strongest to​ a​ traveler that has never flown before.

The liquor smells are usually prevalent in​ many areas of​ the​ airport because there are bars in​ each airline debarkation point. These areas also serve some sort of​ sandwich and the​ smells coming from these bars will often be surrounded by the​ noise from the​ televisions that passengers view as​ they wait for the​ final call to​ board a​ flight. Some passengers are sensitive to​ smells that come from people.

There are many scents that surround a​ traveler that might seem floral for a​ moment and then change to​ musk in​ a​ matter of​ seconds. These aromas are ever-changing because female passengers use a​ varying assortment of​ perfumes and colognes. the​ scents and smells get even more intense when the​ male population reaches a​ boarding area because they are emitting scents from colognes and shaving creams.

Some air travelers can get quite nauseated by the​ smells that they encounter during their travels. They are overcome by the​ closed in​ quarters on​ the​ aircraft that uses recirculation systems for the​ air within the​ cabin. This often causes a​ stale air smell that will permeate the​ clothing of​ an​ air traveler and be with them for the​ duration of​ the​ trip. Hence,​ more travelers choose to​ use more perfumes and colognes to​ hide the​ stench that these smells cause.
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