Smart Baby Boomer Travelers

Smart Baby Boomer Travelers
If you​ ask a​ representative sample of​ baby boomers that are approaching their retirement years what they are looking forward to​ the​ most about retirement,​ the​ most common answer that comes back is,​ travel .​
There is​ something about the​ romance and fun of​ travel that appeals to​ us as​ we think about stepping out of​ the​ work world and doing things we have been hoping to​ do for all our lives .​
And travel has that sense of​ adventure that calls to​ us when we look forward to​ a​ time when our responsibilities are few but we have the​ resources to​ realize our dreams.
If travel is​ a​ major objective of​ your retirement planning,​ the​ earlier in​ life you​ get started planning your travel adventures,​ the​ more fun your trips will be .​
They say that anticipation is​ half the​ fun of​ a​ trip .​
So why not start now planning for your various destinations and the​ adventures you​ want to​ have when you​ get there?
If the​ baby boomer got a​ chance to​ travel during those child rearing years,​ you​ no doubt already have some solid travel disciplines in​ place to​ use for routine trips .​
Most of​ us have learned to​ travel smart from business travel or​ traveling to​ see family over the​ years .​
But it’s a​ good idea to​ review your preparation check lists when you​ start thinking of​ longer trips,​ perhaps to​ more exotic and unknown locations such as​ Europe,​ the​ Middle East or​ South America.
Remember that when you​ are retired and planning longer trips,​ that is​ going to​ present some unique challenges in​ terms of​ packing .​
Its one thing to​ pack for three days in​ Orlando but its something else entirely to​ pack for two weeks in​ Germany or​ Greece .​
It takes an​ experienced and prepared traveler to​ only take the​ essentials and to​ keep your packing light and efficient .​
Some core principles that will help you​ include…
. Take things that don’t need pressing or​ a​ lot of​ maintenance .​
If you​ can use the​ same garment over several days,​ that cuts down on​ your bulk considerably .​
you​ can even rinse out wash and wear garments in​ your hotel room and hang them up in​ the​ bathroom while you​ sleep and they will good as​ new in​ the​ morning.
. Don’t pack it .​
Buy it .​
It might pay to​ pick up some of​ your disposable items when you​ get to​ your destination .​
you​ can buy your toiletries and even a​ garment or​ two if​ something gets left behind once you​ arrive .​
And by not taking a​ lot of​ disposable items,​ you​ cut down on​ the​ chances you​ will have trouble with security.
. Check your bags .​
you​ see people who try to​ drag everything on​ board with them to​ avoid baggage claim .​
These are your rookie travelers .​
Better to​ trust the​ airline with the​ bag and be prepared if​ your bag gets lost than to​ have all that struggle trying to​ get everything into bags you​ can take on​ board.
. Be prepared to​ lose your bags .​
Just pack a​ small carry on​ with what you​ must have that first night in​ the​ hotel .​
Include small items for changing clothes,​ sleepwear and hard to​ replace toiletries so if​ you​ do find your bags didn’t make the​ trip,​ you​ can stay comfortable until they catch up to​ you.
Be smart and think ahead about where you​ are going and what you​ will need there .​
Read as​ much as​ you​ can about your destination and book your accommodations well in​ advance so you​ know you​ are expected even in​ a​ part of​ the​ world that is​ new to​ you​ .​
These kinds of​ preparations will make your retirement travel fun and exciting and keep you​ on​ the​ road regularly for many years to​ come.
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