Six Budget Travel Secrets

Budget travel is​ not just about finding ways to​ spend less. the​ point is​ to​ have just as​ much fun while spending less. Here are some tips to​ get you​ started,​ and afterwards,​ a​ suggestion on​ how to​ think about travel.

Are you​ considering a​ long trip? you​ may want to​ rent an​ apartment in​ an​ interesting city. We did this for two months in​ Tucson. it​ saved us at​ least $600 per month,​ compared to​ even the​ cheaper motels. it​ was fun to​ have a​ "home base" for our travels,​ from which we took day trips to​ Mexico and or​ up to​ Mount Lemmon,​ the​ furthest-south ski resort in​ the​ country. Many cities have apartments that are furnished and available on​ a​ month-to-month basis.

In general it​ is​ the​ traveling part of​ travel that costs the​ most. This is​ due to​ the​ cost of​ gas,​ convenient fast food,​ and the​ expensive hotels you​ are forced to​ pay for when you​ just can't drive any further. So if​ you​ find a​ place with a​ reasonable motel,​ and a​ lot to​ do in​ the​ area - stay for a​ while! We find that a​ place becomes more interesting when you​ have a​ few days to​ explore it.

Because of​ the​ growing popularity of​ RV (recreational vehicle) boondocking,​ the​ BLM has begun to​ establish areas for longer stays,​ particularly in​ Arizona. They have a​ permit fee is​ around $140 now. Although you​ can still park your RV for free on​ most BLM and National Forest land,​ paying for the​ fee areas means you​ get to​ stay up to​ six months (The free stays are limited to​ two weeks). You'll also have pump stations,​ dumpsters and water available. you​ can find out more from the​ BLM's Arizona web site.

Budget Travel Quick Tips

The federal tax on​ airfare isn't due if​ you​ are taking a​ flight from one city in​ the​ U.S. to​ another in​ order to​ catch an​ overseas flight. Show your ticket to​ another country to​ the​ agent to​ have the​ tax removed.

You may be able to​ get a​ senior discount if​ you​ are 65 or​ older. Ask. if​ you​ are using an​ internet site to​ search for tickets,​ they may not include this information,​ so you​ may have to​ call the​ airline direct. Recently,​ has included a​ box to​ check if​ you​ are over 65.

For cheaper hotel rooms,​ use the​ coupon books at​ gas stations along the​ highways. We've almost always found good deals using these. It's rare that a​ manager won't honor the​ coupon. Generally,​ only if​ they're absolutely full will they refuse. Read the​ fine print,​ though. They often charge more for certain dates,​ or​ for two people.

The above is​ a​ good example of​ how to​ travel cheap without sacrificing a​ thing. the​ same room will often be $20 more without the​ coupon,​ and you​ have to​ stop for gas anyhow,​ so why not grab those coupon books? Save on​ a​ room for a​ few nights and you​ can pay for another day of​ vacation. Just keeping your eyes open for opportunities like this is​ one of​ the​ keys to​ budget travel.
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