Selling Your House $100.000 Pets

Selling Your House - $100,​000 Pets
Is your pet worth $100,​000? It may be if​ you​ don’t make accommodations for it​ when selling your home.
A Hundred Thousand Dollar Pet?
A house I’d seen with a​ potential buyer in​ an​ attractive neighborhood built around two lakes sold for $100,​000 less than was typical for the​ neighborhood .​
Do you​ know what caused it​ to​ sell for that much less? a​ pet .​
Actually,​ two pets.
I can hear you​ thinking,​ How can that be? Surely she doesn’t know what she’s talking about this time .​
How could two pets reduce the​ sales price of​ a​ home by $100,​000? is​ that even possible? I​ understand your skepticism,​ but it’s true .​
Let me tell you​ how I​ know .​
When I​ made the​ appointment for the​ potential buyer to​ look at​ the​ house,​ I​ wasn’t told about the​ presence of​ pets .​
We arrived at​ the​ house,​ knocked on​ the​ door,​ and when no one answered our knock,​ I​ got out my electronic key to​ open the​ box containing a​ key for brokers to​ use .​
While I​ was doing this,​ we began to​ hear some loud barking from large dog or​ dogs inside the​ house .​
The buyer said she did not want to​ go into the​ house with dogs on​ the​ loose .​
I​ have to​ admit I​ wasn’t thrilled with the​ idea either,​ so we went on​ to​ the​ next house she was considering.
She asked me if​ we could see that house the​ next day sans pets .​
I​ called and made arrangements.
The next day we looked at​ a​ two story,​ 5 bedroom,​ house with a​ fully finished,​ walkout basement that supposedly didn’t have pets .​
It was a​ nice house,​ but the​ whole house smelled strongly of​ pet odors .​
The furniture in​ the​ basement was shredded – truly not too strong a​ word to​ use .​
I’ve never seen furniture in​ worse shape .​
The front of​ the​ house was nicely landscaped .​
The back of​ the​ house was a​ disaster .​
The door frames and exterior doors were scratched and gnawed .​
The lawn had beaten paths and patches .​
There wasn’t a​ flower or​ a​ shrub to​ be seen .​
The buyer couldn’t get away fast enough.
I later found out the​ owner of​ the​ house had a​ German Shepherd .​
The second dog was a​ wolf and shepherd mix .​
The house stayed on​ the​ market longer than typical,​ the​ price was reduced several times and the​ final sales price was $100,​000 below what was typical for the​ neighborhood .​
Now you​ tell me,​ what cost that seller $100,​000?
Don’t misunderstand,​ I​ know pets are wonderful .​
Over time my husband and I​ have enjoyed living with a​ German Shepherd,​ two Siamese cats,​ assorted adopted stray cats,​ fancy guppies,​ gold fish,​ koi,​ and various sorts of​ wounded critters our two sons brought home.
Pets enrich your life .​
They don’t enrich the​ sales price of​ your home .​
Take the​ right steps though,​ and they won’t rob you​ of​ any of​ your equity.
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