Sedona Arizona A Travel Adventure In Red Rock Format

USA WEEKEND's Annual Travel Report for 2003 heralds Sedona,​ Arizona,​ as​ one of​ the​ USA’s ten most beautiful places. it​ is​ a​ four-season adventure in​ beauty.

The community boasts a​ list of​ 102 things to​ do while in​ Sedona,​ and the​ list is​ not exaggerated. Some are free,​ some are pricey,​ but all are viable possibilities,​ accentuating this beautiful land.

You will meet lots of​ people in​ Sedona,​ from everywhere in​ the​ world,​ but it’s not the​ shoving,​ hurry-hurry crowd (with the​ possible exception of​ the​ early morning or​ late evening commute of​ the​ friendly service population). More often it’s rubbing shoulders with others who hike and stroll and caravan endeavoring to​ capture their share of​ the​ beauty and peace surrounding the​ valley.

What appeals to​ you?

• Visit the​ Africa Wildlife Park
• Golf at​ one of​ Sedona’s 18-hole Courses
• Take a​ jeep tour
• Photograph your aura
• Hike to​ the​ bottom of​ Montezuma’s Well
• Visit Montezuma Castle National Monument
• Visit Red Rock State Park,​ Fort Verde State Park and Jerome State Historical Park
• Dine and take in​ the​ show at​ Blazin’ M Ranch
• Ride the​ Verde Canyon Train
• Sketch the​ Red Rocks
• Watch birds
• Visit a​ vortex
• Hike one of​ the​ 100 plus trails in​ the​ Coconino National Forest
• Watch artists create masterpieces at​ local galleries
• Picnic and spend the​ day at​ Slide Rock State Park
• Take a​ scenic drive around the​ Verde Valley
• Visit the​ Grand Canyon
• Eat rattlesnake,​ buffalo burgers and cactus fries at​ local eateries
• Tour Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village and more
• Sit back and enjoy the​ views and cool evenings
• Play a​ round of​ tennis or​ miniature golf
• Have a​ picnic at​ Posse Ground or​ Sunset Park
• Skateboard at​ the​ Sedona Skate Park
• Visit the​ Bird Sanctuary in​ Page Springs
• Sample a​ prickly pear cactus drink
• Experience a​ hot-air balloon
• Visit the​ Chapel of​ the​ Holy Cross
• Photograph the​ sunset at​ the​ airport overlook
• Take yoga
• Experience Shakespeare at​ Tlaquepaque
• Hike at​ Red Rock Crossing and Crescent Moon

Sedona is​ a​ choice for all. Family vacations here are truly jam-packed and memorable. Couples and singles find whatever they need and want at​ the​ moment.

Sedona is​ one of​ those “Must see,​ must do” American travel adventures.
Sedona Arizona A Travel Adventure In Red Rock Format Sedona Arizona A Travel Adventure In Red Rock Format Reviewed by Henda Yesti on April 11, 2019 Rating: 5
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