Secrets To Make Travel Easy And Stress Free

The greatest secret to​ the​ success of​ a​ vacation is​ in​ the​ planning. While it​ sounds daring to​ just throw your clothes in​ a​ bag and “wing it”,​ the​ reality is​ that it​ takes a​ calculator,​ a​ pencil,​ and even a​ map to​ plot an​ easy and stress-free vacation.

1. Make a​ realistic budget,​ and stick to​ it!

You don’t want to​ spend sleepless nights worrying how to​ pay off your credit card. How much can you​ afford to​ spend? Then list down what you​ will have to​ pay for,​ from obvious expenses like room,​ board and transportation,​ to​ things like food,​ airport fees,​ and souvenirs and shopping.

To get a​ realistic gauge,​ find out the​ cost of​ living of​ the​ area and visit travelers forums to​ get a​ general idea of​ how much others have spent. Also consider hidden costs and the​ nature of​ the​ vacation.

For example,​ a​ hotel may look cheap,​ but it​ may have such a​ limited range of​ accessible restaurants that you’ll end up spending a​ fortune on​ food. Or,​ you​ may be visiting a​ shopper’s haven where the​ bargains are too great to​ pass up. you​ need more money to​ splurge here than if​ you​ had just gone to​ a​ beach,​ where the​ sun is​ free.

2. Keep a​ realistic itinerary

Some people turn vacations in​ a​ frenzied attempt to​ see everything in​ three days or​ less. the​ thing is,​ if​ you​ try to​ cram too many sights,​ you’ll be running from one place to​ another without really absorbing what you​ hear. you​ may also be exhausting yourself to​ the​ point that you​ need a​ vacation to​ recover from your vacation!

Research on​ the​ places you​ want to​ visit. How much time do you​ really need for each? Some places are just beautiful backdrops where you’ll need less than an​ hour to​ take the​ requisite photos. Others,​ like museums,​ should have an​ entire afternoon.

3. Start planning three to​ four months ahead

This gives you​ time to​ look for discounts or​ negotiate for better rates,​ and make arrangements for the​ work (or pets!) you’re leaving behind. you​ also have time to​ save,​ in​ case you​ realize your allotted budget isn’t enough.

4. Find out about the​ place’s quirks

Be informed! Know the​ climate,​ the​ kind of​ clothes you​ need to​ wear,​ and prepare for the​ little quirks of​ the​ place. For example,​ you​ may find out that it​ costs a​ fortune to​ develop film or​ photos in​ the​ resort you’re visiting.

At least you’ll have an​ extra memory card! Other things to​ look out for: accessibility of​ transportation,​ how many people in​ that area can speak English,​ the​ number of​ ATM’s or​ how many of​ the​ establishments accept credit cards. These details may not seem important as​ finding a​ good hotel,​ but can quickly become annoying and stressful inconveniences!

5. Don’t go there with too many expectations

It’s okay to​ be excited,​ but many tourists are just too easily disappointed and frustrated. Remember,​ no matter how “imperfect” a​ vacation is,​ it’s still a​ chance to​ discover a​ new place and culture,​ and get out of​ the​ rut of​ the​ everyday. It’s useless to​ keep comparing it​ to​ “how things are back home” or​ rant about how it’s fallen short of​ the​ promises in​ the​ brochure. You’re already there. Make the​ most of​ it.
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