Saving Time While Booking Travel Online

Before they haul out the​ big suitcase,​ before they put a​ hold on​ the​ mail and before they make house- and pet-sitting arrangements,​ a​ growing number of​ American travelers are taking a​ different sort of​ trip: a​ trip online.

That's because travel arrangements have evolved,​ with Web sites often taking the​ place of​ travel agents in​ the​ organization and planning of​ family vacations,​ weekend getaways,​ business trips and more. in​ addition,​ in​ 2018,​ four out of​ five Americans who arranged trips on​ the​ Web also bought their tickets online,​ up from 70 percent in​ 2004.

When booking a​ trip,​ many consumers use a​ site such as​ Expedia,​ Travelocity or​ Orbitz. These sites are known as​ online travel agencies,​ or​ OTAs,​ and they work by rapidly searching through many travel suppliers,​ such as​ airlines,​ hotel chains,​ etc.

Meanwhile,​ a​ recent study conducted by MSN and Harris Interactive says that 75 percent of​ U.S. adults who have ever taken a​ vacation visit three or​ more Web sites when researching and booking their travel plans. the​ question then becomes,​ why do consumers search multiple sites when planning and booking travel?

Many do so hoping to​ find a​ great deal. But is​ it​ worth it​ to​ shop around? the​ answer is​ yes; no one OTA searches all of​ the​ travel suppliers in​ the​ United States,​ and each OTA has different arrangements giving them access to​ deals the​ others don't have.

Oftentimes,​ consumers miss out on​ finding the​ best deals for their trips because they don't shop around enough or​ they don't know where to​ look. One Web site,​,​ has all of​ the​ travel sites-from Expedia to​ Travelocity to​ JetBlue to​ Hertz-under one roof. While the​ site doesn't sell travel,​ it​ makes it​ easier and faster for consumers to​ book travel.

A site such as​ this lets users enter their itinerary once and then search any OTA or​ travel supplier without having to​ type in​ the​ Web address and itinerary over and over again. It's a​ big time savings,​ and because it's comprehensive,​ consumers won't miss out on​ a​ site just because they didn't know about it​ or​ didn't remember it.

And as​ with other OTAs,​ consumers can use BookingBuddy as​ a​ one-stop shopping portal for hotels,​ package deals and car rentals.
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