Safe Air Travel With Batteries

In today's world of​ electronics,​ we all travel with numerous devices that require batteries. Your laptop,​ camera,​ music player,​ portable DVD player,​ and headphones all require batteries and this can pose some problems on​ an​ aircraft. Here are some simple guidelines to​ follow to​ keep safe.

* Keep batteries and equipment with you,​ or​ in​ carry-on baggage - not in​ your checked baggage! in​ the​ cabin,​ flight crew can better monitor conditions,​ and have access to​ the​ batteries or​ device if​ a​ fire does occur.

* Buy batteries from reputable sources and only use batteries approved for your device – avoid counterfeits! a​ counterfeit battery is​ more likely to​ cause a​ fire in​ your equipment – costing you​ more in​ the​ long run,​ and compromising safety.

* Look for the​ mark of​ an​ independent testing or​ standards organization,​ such as​ Underwriters Laboratories (UL) or​ International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

* Do not carry recalled or​ damaged batteries on​ aircraft. Check battery recall information at​ the​ manufacturer's website,​ or​ at​ the​ Consumer Product Safety Commission.

* Only charge batteries which you​ are sure are rechargeable! Non-rechargeable batteries are not designed for recharging,​ and become hazardous if​ placed in​ a​ battery charger. a​ non-rechargeable battery placed in​ a​ charger may overheat or​ cause damage later.

* Only use a​ charger compatible with your rechargeable battery – don’t mix and match!

* if​ original packaging is​ not available for spare batteries,​ effectively insulate battery terminals by isolating the​ batteries from contact with other batteries and metal. Do not permit a​ loose battery to​ come in​ contact with metal objects,​ such as​ coins,​ keys,​ or​ jewelry.

* Place each battery in​ its own protective case,​ plastic bag,​ or​ package,​ or​ place tape across the​ battery's contacts to​ isolate terminals. Isolating terminals prevents short-circuiting.

* Take steps to​ prevent crushing,​ puncturing,​ or​ putting a​ high degree of​ pressure on​ the​ battery,​ as​ this can cause an​ internal short-circuit,​ resulting in​ overheating.

* if​ you​ must carry a​ battery-powered device in​ any baggage,​ package it​ to​ prevent inadvertent activation. For instance,​ you​ should pack a​ cordless power tool in​ a​ protective case,​ with a​ trigger lock engaged. if​ there is​ an​ on-off switch or​ a​ safety switch,​ tape it​ in​ the​ "off" position.

So,​ be careful when carrying battery-operated devices and follow these simple guidelines to​ keep you​ and your fellow passengers safe.
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