Russian Dating Traveling To Russia To Meet Russian Bride

According to​ the​ existing laws and visa regulations,​ it​ will be easier for you​ to​ come to​ Russia to​ see your potential bride,​ than to​ get a​ visitor's visa to​ America or​ Canada for a​ single woman.

If you've decided to​ come to​ Russia to​ meet your Russian bride for the​ first time you​ have different options on​ what to​ do. you​ can arrange a​ tour through an​ agency,​ for example,​ a​ travel agency or​ a​ marriage agency. if​ you​ go through a​ travel agency,​ it​ will cost less,​ but a​ marriage agency will know what your specific needs are in​ terms of​ being in​ Russia for the​ first time. These marriage agencies can help with translation services,​ along with hotels in​ different cities and setting up an​ individualized tour just for you.

Once you've decided to​ arrange everything by yourself you​ should take in​ account the​ possibilities of​ the​ Russian bride you're going to​ meet. you​ can send money to​ her for travel expenses or​ you​ can send a​ ticket that you​ have purchased,​ so that you​ may get the​ refund yourself if​ the​ plans fall through.

Make sure that everything is​ planned right and it'll be done correctly. Your potential bride should already have a​ passport for foreign travel,​ if​ not it​ will take an​ additional 2-3 months for her to​ get it.

What to​ Do and See?

There are plenty of​ cultural and artistic events to​ attend in​ many of​ the​ Russian cities. you​ should discuss with her what she would like to​ see and do and how she would like to​ spend time with you​ in​ getting to​ know you. a​ mix of​ social activities combined with dining alone will help you​ get to​ know each other in​ a​ variety of​ situations.

If you​ are traveling outside the​ country,​ it's always wise to​ travel prepared. Here’s a​ checklist of​ some things you​ might want to​ bring with you​ on​ your travels to​ Russia to​ meet a​ Russian bride: flashlight,​ neck pillow for flights and train rides,​ ear plugs,​ towelettes,​ tissues,​ Electric Adapter kits,​ address book with contact information,​ some type of​ container,​ like a​ pouch,​ for your passport traveler’s checks and other important paperwork,​ camera and accessories,​ especially film,​ detergent,​ raincoat (with liner?),​ umbrella,​ travel alarm clock,​ sunscreen or​ sun block,​ prescriptions & medications,​ best kept in​ original packaging,​ aspirin,​ motion sickness medicine,​ soap,​ Plastic Bags,​ wash cloth.

Do it​ Yourself Visa?

After you​ meet and decide to​ get married,​ you'll wish your bride to​ move to​ your hometown. For example,​ if​ you​ are trying to​ bring a​ Russian bride into the​ United States,​ there are a​ few different ways to​ accomplish that. Usually the​ main aim is​ to​ get a​ "fiance visa" and there are some requirements that you​ must follow in​ order to​ get the​ visa.

You can apply for it​ yourselves and fill out all the​ paperwork yourselves. This is​ the​ cheapest route,​ but if​ the​ paperwork is​ not filled out 100% perfectly,​ it​ can cause delays.
you​ can have a​ fiance visa service handle it. Make sure the​ service you​ use is​ licensed. Remember,​ the​ service will just be filling out the​ forms for you​ and are not usually immigration attorneys,​ so if​ any legal issues come up,​ they will be ill equipped to​ handle them.
You can alwas hire a​ US immigration lawyer to​ take care of​ it. This is​ the​ most expensive option,​ but also the​ one that will cause you​ the​ least hassle,​ especially with a​ bride coming over from Russia. There are lots of​ Do-It-Yourself Kits out there that you​ can look over that will give you​ a​ good idea about what is​ involved. the​ process can go smoothly,​ but any mistakes can cause delays and that can ruin a​ marriage before it​ even gets started.

And most important,​ do your research on​ Russian brides. There is​ a​ lot of​ information about Russian dating out there if​ you​ just look around and ask questions. Information is​ power,​ so use it​ to​ your best advantage.
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