Russian Cruise The Best Way To Travel In Russia

There are many ways to​ explore Russia,​ but some ways are better than others. Cruises to​ Russia is​ one of​ the​ best ways to​ explore Russia and there are plenty of​ reasons why.

First,​ Cruises to​ Russia take you​ to​ many great places. When you​ go on​ a​ land tour you​ visit Moscow or​ St Petersburg,​ or​ possibly both. When you​ go on​ a​ river cruises,​ you​ visit Moscow and St Petersburg as​ well as​ many of​ Russia's ancient capitals in​ between. on​ a​ river cruise,​ you​ can visit a​ famous Kizhi Island that can only be reached by water or​ sail across Russia from St. Petersburg to​ Volgograd.

Second,​ river journeys are much better deals than land tours. Since you​ travel on​ a​ ship,​ you​ don't have to​ pay for hotel,​ which could be quite expensive,​ especially in​ Moscow. on​ Cruises to​ Russia,​ you​ pay from $140 to​ $200 per day for an​ all-inclusive treatment,​ cabins,​ delicious food,​ drinks,​ shows,​ excursions and even on-board classes of​ Russian history,​ culture and art.

Third,​ traveling on​ a​ Russian cruise is​ usually more fun than traveling on​ land. in​ your trip,​ you​ will be accompanied by travelers from other parts of​ the​ world. you​ can share your personal stories and your experience in​ Russia. you​ will have a​ wonderful time on​ board in​ the​ ship's restaurants and bars. you​ will make plenty of​ new friends and have an​ unforgettable experience as​ your ship carries you​ across the​ Russian territories.

Fourth,​ arranging Cruises to​ Russia is​ much easier than a​ land tour. There is​ a​ cruise departing every week so you​ can choose the​ one that suits you​ best. There are dozens of​ cruises designed for English-speaking customers sailing across western Russia from north to​ south and vice-versa. you​ can set a​ sail from Moscow to​ St Petersburg or​ from St. Petersburg to​ Moscow. you​ can sail on​ the​ famous Volga River and explore Russia's southern territories,​ including the​ famous cities of​ Volgograd and Astrakhan.
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