Russia Travel Visa Vodka And Old Friends

If you​ think getting a​ visa to​ travel to​ Russia is​ difficult,​ you​ should try getting one to​ travel around the​ country. Living in​ Russia,​ I needed just such a​ Russia travel visa.

Russia Travel Visa

Unlike many countries,​ foreigners in​ Russia must declare on​ their travel visa where they will travel in​ the​ country. if​ they want to​ add a​ location,​ they have to​ get a​ new,​ temporary visa for the​ location. Basically,​ it​ is​ red tape and bureaucracy out the​ ying yang.

While living in​ Siberia,​ I was invited to​ speak at​ a​ human rights conference in​ the​ town of​ Tinda. I wasn’t entirely sure where this was,​ but new I needed a​ temporary visa to​ get from my city to​ it. My host,​ Oleg Vladimirovich,​ told me getting one would be no problem. I should’ve known I was in​ trouble when our first stop was the​ liquor store.

Four vodka bottles in​ hand,​ we hit our first stop at​ the​ home of​ a​ retired customs official who was married to​ someone’s half brothers third sister and so on. We reminisced and drank shots for a​ half hour or​ so. Feeling no pain,​ the​ customs official called a​ friend and off we went to​ meet him while leaving the​ open vodka bottle behind.

At the​ new gentlemen’s home,​ we cracked our second bottle of​ vodka. Reminiscing was undertaken,​ which left me out of​ the​ process since I had never met the​ chap before. Eventually,​ another phone call was made and we were off to​ make a​ new friend.

As you​ can probably guess,​ this process was repeated two more times. at​ our final meeting,​ I was so “warm on​ the​ inside,​ cold on​ the​ outside” as​ Russians say when demurely sipping vodka that I was reminiscing with a​ man and wife who I had never met before in​ my life!

Eventually,​ we obtained the​ necessary visa or​ something that wouldn’t get me arrested. Oleg joked it​ was a​ “semi-visa”. it​ might work or​ might not. Seeing double,​ I headed home to​ pack my stuff for the​ train.
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