Rural Wilderness Travel Websites Are Hard To Find

Social Networking for Wilderness Areas,​ Parks,​ Monuments and Outdoors Recreation are hit or​ miss on​ the​ internet.

Most travel websites are focused on​ the​ large metro areas in​ the​ United States. One website has a​ different twist and has just launched an​ new feature for making rural adventure travel a​ little easier. it​ partners with small business owners in​ these rural areas. There are thousands of​ small business owners located near wilderness areas. Many of​ them don't have websites or​ are sometimes hard to​ find in​ a​ search engine. By adding them into a​ database focused on​ rural America,​ that helps travelers find their products and services.

It's unique to​ have posts from all the​ National Parks,​ State Parks,​ National Monuments and Wilderness Areas in​ one place,​ and this allows adventure travelers to​ plan out all their places to​ stay and fun things to​ do all in​ one action! No more clicking and searching all around. All selected travel partners with available products and services get notified of​ the​ travelers interest.

The Outdoor Adventure Message Board at​ opens up to​ a​ listing of​ U.S. States separated into state travel region message boards where people can see the​ outdoor
areas available with map,​ information,​ stories and photos with over 4,​000 posts. There are links to​ park maps,​ webcams,​ get directions and a​ search box to​ locate accommodations and activity providers in​ that region.

Travel partners are needed now,​ to​ compliment the​ rural reservations booking engine that has just been launched. Accommodations and Activities suppliers need only to​ visit and click on​ the​ link at​ the​ top that says Travel Partners. From there they can offer allotments of​ their products. the​ suppliers control dates,​ inventory,​ and prices,​ the​ system is​ set up to​ easily cut and paste existing promotional materials for display on​ the​ website. the​ website processes a​ $5.00 reservation fee by paypal for the​ reservation request and then the​ deposit,​ cancellation and collection of​ payment takes place directly between the​ customer and the​ supplier. AdventurezoneTOURS is​ simply the​ intermediary to​ assist the​ traveler and supplier in​ creating an​ incredible adventure opportunity in​ rural America.

The categories where suppliers are needed are:

Accommodations Suppliers
Bed & Breakfast

Activities Suppliers
Hiking Guides
Climbing Guides
Canyoneering Guides
Rafting Trips
ATV rentals and tours
Horseback Riding
Photography Guides
Winter Sports
Water Sports
Men Get Aways
Women Get Aways
Hunting Guides
Training Retreats
Theatre - Fairs - Festivals

In a​ recent trend,​ volunteering has become very popular with more people willing to​ offer their time or​ vacation in​ assisting the​ parks and outdoor organizations with clean up,​ rebuilding trails and other important tasks. not only features a​ message board for each region of​ every state but under
the category Special Interests,​ users are invited to​ post messages for volunteer opportunities or​ find links to​ the​ volunteer opportunity just right for them.

Bob Therrien,​ President of​ TrainingPASS Sales,​ Inc.,​ creator of​,​ outdoor writer,​ and constant traveler commented,​ “Over the​ years,​ the​ hardest part for me has been the​ research about which parks,​ hikes,​ climbs,​ guides I want to​ visit with my family and friends. Exploring site after site,​ then mapping the​ distance from each area of​ interest is​ inefficient and many times lacking in​ information.To solve that inefficiency we have collected all the​ basic information about our parks,​ wilderness areas and national monuments into one website. the​ USA states are separated into travel regions,​ so that a​ visitor can visually see just a​ region of​ a​ state and distances between multiple areas of​ interest. the​ outdoors recreation message boards always needs real trip reports from people who love these parks and are willing to​ share information on​ their special places.”

For the​ activity-specific minded,​ AdventureZoneTOURS encourages users and travel suppliers to​ share trip reports for the​ variety of​ outdoor activities. to​ research or​ share your favorite adventure travel location,​ accommodations,​ rentals,​ tours,​ and for more information,​ visit today.
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